Why Lyka is a great option for dogs with diabetes

diabetes dogs

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect your pup and their body’s ability to function normally. Whilst diabetes in dogs can’t be cured, with the help of a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can play your part to ensure that your pup lives their healthiest, happiest life.  

What is diabetes?

There are two forms of diabetes: insulin-deficiency and insulin-resistance. Diabetes occurs in puppers when the connection of glucose-insulin fails to work as it should.  

Insulin-deficiency: This is when your dog isn’t producing enough insulin due to a damaged or incorrectly functioning pancreas – the organ responsible for insulin production.

Insulin-resistance: This is when some insulin is being produced, but isn’t playing the role it should, and cells aren’t effectively getting a hold of glucose and other nutrients to produce the energy that your pupper need. This type of diabetes is more common in older dogs.

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that is created by your pup’s pancreas and helps to control their blood sugar levels and metabolism – the process that turns the food they eat into energy. Dogs with insulin-deficiency require shots to compensate for the lack of insulin they produce.

What causes diabetes in puppers?

Diabetes in pups has been linked to several factors including old age, obesity and genetic composition. Chronic inflammation in your pupper can also trigger autoimmunity, pancreatitis and/or obesity, and either directly or indirectly lead to a diabetes diagnosis. Avoiding a high-carbohydrate diet is important to prevent inflammation in your dog. We are proud to offer a low-GI diet to help keep puppers healthy.

What are common signs of diabetes in pups?

– Excessive thirst
– Increased urination
– Weight loss
– Increased appetite

We always recommend speaking with your trusted vet if you notice your pupper suffering from any of these signs or symptoms. They will perform a simple blood and urine test to correctly identify the issue.

How to treat diabetes in pups

Whilst incurable, diabetes is treatable and can be managed with veterinary advice, a healthy diet and exercise. It’s important to note that the method will depend on which type of diabetes your pup has, as they may require insulin injections.

Lyka: maximum nutrients for optimal health

A pup with diabetes will need to eat high-quality protein, alongside plenty of fibre and complex carbohydrates that will help the slow absorption of glucose. Complex carbohydrates, including chia seeds, carrots, leafy greens, purple sweet potato, psyllium seed husk and quinoa, are beneficial for diabetic dogs as they take much longer to break down and do not result in dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The use of phytochemical rich foods like turmeric, spirulina, blueberries and raspberries can help reduce oxidative stress associated with diabetes and underlying metabolic syndrome. We are proud to offer recipes that are suitable for diabetic pups, but we always advise speaking with your vet when making any dietary changes.