Why is your dog so gassy?

gassy dog

Video Transcript

It’s important to know that sometimes dogs can have a bit of gas, but it shouldn’t stink – it shouldn’t be terrible smelling. That’s normally an indication that the digestion’s not quite right and that it’s important to take a look at their diet.

1. Check for legumes

One of the big things I’d look at doing with the diet is checking for offending ingredients. One of the ingredients that you should check for are legumes. They’re super common, especially in grain-free kibbles and they’re notorious for causing gas.

2. Check for processed grains

Grains are another ingredient to watch out for, especially processed grains. If you need to use grains in your dog’s diet, I’d recommend ancient grains like quinoa or whole grains like brown rice.

3. Try an elimination diet

Another thing you could think about is whether or not your dog has a food intolerance, sensitivity or allergy. If your dog is eating a high quality diet and they still are gassy, I’d recommend talking to your vet about an elimination diet.  

Dog gassiness: Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most common legumes found in dog food?

– Peas
– Chickpeas
– Lentils

What processed grains should you look out for in our dog’s diet and avoid?

– Wheat and wheat products (gluten meal)
– White rice
– Corn (or maize)

Is grain-free food good for your dog?

When you hear the term ‘grain-free’, you naturally assume it’s healthy. The original premise of grain-free was low glycemic load (low carbohydrate/starch to support low inflammation in your pet’s body).

But, when it comes to dry food (also known as kibble) for pets, that’s far from the truth. Although foods are ‘grain free’, they are not ‘low carbohydrate/starch’ and the manufacturers have usually replaced grains with starchy vegetables and legumes in the same high quantities

In fact, the FDA published a study showing links exist between grain-free dog food and cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), which created a lot of fear and confusion around the correct way to feed your dog.

As mentioned above, not all grain-free dog food is bad for your pup. We use organic white quinoa in our Barn Raised Turkey and Grass Fed Lamb recipes, but our Free Range Chicken and Grass Fed recipes remain grain-free, and most importantly, low starch/carbohydrate, and thus low glycemic load. Read more here.

What are some potential intolerants or allergens that could cause gassiness?

– Beef
– Lamb
– Chicken
– Fish
– Dairy
– Wheat
– Egg
– Soy