Which toys are best for your dog?

Dog toys have come a long way since sticks, bones and tennis balls – in fact, tennis balls really aren’t great for your pup, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  

With so many options to choose from, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions to help you work out which toy or toys are best suited to your pup. But first, there are a few things that you need to consider, including:

1. The size of your dog

The size of your dog will help to determine the type of toy that is best for them. Got a small pup? Something soft and easy on their teeth and little mouths would be ideal. Whereas for bigger pups, something strong and sturdy that won’t break too easily is what you want. 

2. Chewing habits

Whilst size can indicate the type of toy that your pup would like, breed doesn’t always determine chewing habits. Each dog has their own personality, and whether your furry friend is big or small, if they love to chew, they’re going to chew. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home with a new toy, only to find it in a million pieces across the living room floor just a short time later. So, it’s very important to consider the chewing habits of your pup when buying new toys. Quality is key.   

For those pups who love to chomp, we love the Molly Barker Dog Rope Toy. Tightly woven, it’s incredibly sturdy and can withstand a whole lot of pulling, tugging, throwing and of course, chewing. Available in grey, it’s definitely one of the chicest rope toys we’ve come across.  

For the delicate chompers out there, something soft (still sturdy!) and of course, very cute like this

3. Energy level and strength

Playtime means different things to different pups. Some pups love to be left alone to chew for hours, whilst others want their humans to get involved and chase their toy around their house – or they might want to do both. 

Types of dog toys


Often the habits of the fur parents can determine which toys are suitable. If you work long hours or your pup suffers from separation anxiety and can be destructive when left alone, an interactive toy that throws balls could be a good choice. You could even invest in a pet camera that allows you to spy on your furry friend and even speak to and throw a treat for them – all the way from your office in the city. Told you we’d come a long way from sticks!  

There are even toys out there for pups who just can’t give up their love of digging, so this could be a good option if your couch is getting a little too much paw action whilst you’re out without your fur baby.


Toys are a great way to keep your pup’s brain active whilst also providing them with hours of entertainment.  

Lyka (the pup that is!) loves when we fill her rubber Barker Dog Treat Ball with some of her favourite Lyka recipes – we fill the ball, freeze it for a couple of hours and then give it to her to play and lick. She loves the challenge and it keeps her occupied for hours whilst also treating her taste buds! It’s a great ball to throw around even when it’s empty, as it’s soft and gentle on her teeth. 

As mentioned above, tennis balls aren’t great for your dog’s teeth. Whilst tennis balls appear to be harmless and lots of fun for your pup, they are incredibly abrasive as they are covered in a fuzzy felt, which helps the aerodynamics of the ball but can severely damage and grind down your dog’s teeth. You can read more about the dangers here

Snuffle mats are also a great enrichment toy and reward for for your pup, especially for those who suffer from anxiety. All you do is bury their favourite type of treat in the long strands of fleece and they’ve got to sniff them out – it’s fun and great for the brain!


Sometimes puppers want a toy that they can chew and throw around, but also snuggle with at night. We love the Plush Starfish from Veggie Paws – this snuggly toy is made from 100% recycled water bottles, so not only is it fun for your pup, you’re also helping to prevent up to nine plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and in our waterways. 

Lyka as treat food

As a cheeky way to treat your pup without overfeeding them, we often recommend leaving a small amount of your pup’s favourite recipe to use in treat balls, to smear on Lickimats and even freeze as as nice cool surprise. These are great ways to reward and surprise your pup and utilise their favourite Lyka recipes in new and exciting ways.  

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