Three reasons why you should have an office pet

Three reasons why you should have an office pet

Pet-friendly offices are becoming more and more common in Australia and around the world. And it’s no wonder why. There are many benefits of having pets around the office, here are just 3 of them:


1. Pets increase morale and reduce stress

Let’s face it: things can get pretty stressful at work. Whether it’s a looming deadline or tough presentation, we all have those days in the office when you feel on edge and mentally exhausted. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a furry buddy in those moments to help you chill? Studies have proven that patting an animal can help reduce stress, calm you down and even reduce blood pressure. Therapy animals are used extensively in hospitals and retirement homes as a way to lift spirits. Having a pet in the office is a very simple (and cost-effective) way to make those benefits available to you and your team and in turn increase overall workforce performance.


2. Having an office pet promotes exercise, which increases productivity

If you have a dog (or cat) in your workspace, you will need to take them out to the toilet and give them water and food throughout the day. Even though these activities may seem like time wasters, getting your blood flowing has been shown to increase concentration and productivity. Many businesses recognise the cognitive benefits of exercise and encourage intermittent exercise initiatives, for example, stretching or standing every hour. However, it’s very hard to maintain high employee participation with these initiatives. With an office pet, on the other hand, you are more or less forced to get up and attend to them regularly. Pet-friendly offices reap the benefits of employees exercising and to the employees it won’t feel like exercise at all.


3. It makes life more convenient for your employees

Letting your pawrent employees take their pet with them to work can help make their lives easier, and the benefits aren’t just intangible ones. If an employee relies on a dog walker or dog daycare, allowing them to bring their dog to work may save them hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars annually. Having their pet at work may also mean the employee is more flexible with their available hours. For example, it might be easier for them to do overtime, as they won’t be in a rush home to “walk the dog” or “feed the cat”.

Overall, a pet-friendly workplace is a fantastic idea, and provide many benefits for both employees and the employer.

Office pets – we say yes!