The lowdown on our protein and the benefits for your dog

protein dogs

Protein is not just for gym junkies, it also forms the building blocks of our puppers’ diet and at Lyka, we have a variety of recipes to tantalise all taste buds.

Why does my dog need protein?

In humans, protein is an essential macronutrient, and the same is true for our pups. Protein builds and repairs muscle, hair and skin cells, and plays a starring role in hormone production.

Your dog can get their protein from plant sources, but animal protein has a much higher level of amino acids. Amino acid deficiency can lead to serious health problems such as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

How much protein does your dog need?

Over time, the pet food industry has seen the lines blurred between the minimal protein requirements of AAFCO, and the optimal amount of protein our dogs need to thrive, and the scientific evidence does not substantiate that lower protein diets are better.

To support the health and wellbeing of Australia dogs, our recipes at Lyka contain an optimal mix of high protein, moderate fat and low GI carbohydrates.

Our protein explained

We believe in offering a wide variety of protein choices, because some dogs have allergies or intolerances to certain proteins, and there’s also the matter of personal preference. With four protein choices on offer, we are proud to be able to cater to the many adorable pups out there!

protein dogs


Our grass-fed beef, ethically sourced in Queensland and WA, is a great choice to help your pupper thrive.

  • It contains high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid with many benefits for your pupper.
  • It contains a lower omega 6:omega 3 ratio than grain-fed beef. An excess of omega 6s can cause chronic inflammation.
  • We also use beef heart, packed with Vitamin B12, which is crucial for enzyme function.
  • To boost your dog’s immunity and help with their vision, our recipes contain beef liver – one of the richest available sources of Vitamin A.


Our chicken bowls contain lean, free-range chicken breast, which is also hormone and antibiotic-free. And let’s not forget the eggs, also packed with multiple benefits for our puppers.

  • High in iron, we also use chicken hearts in our recipes.
  • Our recipes contain a good serving of chicken liver, abundant in Vitamin A.
  • Our free-range eggs are high in choline, which is essential for brain function, and another great source of protein.


Like our chicken, our barn-raised Hunter Valley turkey is hormone and antibiotic-free. Turkey has made waves in the human world for its many health-boosting properties and the same can be applied to your pupper’s diet.


Your pupper may not have tried lamb in other food sources but it’s a delicious protein that can help your dog in many ways. As lamb is higher in fat, it might not be the best option if your dog has a sensitive tummy.

  • Bursting with iron, chowing down on our lamb recipe promotes healthy red blood cell development.
  • Lamb is rich in B-vitamins like niacin, which helps with healthy skin and energy.
  • Just like our other proteins, lamb’s liver is high in immunity-boosting Vitamin A.

Lyka: healthy food for your dog

Here at Lyka, we believe that whole ingredients, not just individual nutrients, matter – that’s why our recipes contain an abundance of fresh and purposeful vet-approved ingredients. With four recipes on offer, each are nutritious and delicious, and complete and balanced for all life stages. Discover first hand the benefits of high quality, biological-appropriate proteins in your dog’s diet – order a Starter Box today and say hello to the Lyka way!