The dog-friendly Box Vale Walking Track

dog friendly Box Vale walking track

The Box Vale Walking Track is a unique mix of history, flora and fauna. Taking its name from the tramway that began operation in 1888 which once carried as much as 100 tons of coal per day from the Nattai River Gorge, the dog friendly Box Vale Walking Track is a very pretty walk with the added benefit of multiple grades of difficulty for those of you who want more of a challenge.  

Length of the entire trail: 13.3 kms

Where: Turning off 3.7 km west of Mittagong, Box Vale Walking Track is just 250 metres off the Hume Highway and under 1 km from the Wombeyan Caves Road

Terrain: Can be uneven at points, but has level grades throughout

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult as the walk continues

Features: BBQ and picnic near the Trackhead Carpark, as well as the lookout past the tunnel

The start of your journey

A 3-hour return walk, the first 4.4km takes you along terrain that is sometimes a little uneven and slightly steep, but mostly this is a walk that is easy to traverse. You and your pupper will come across plenty of friends along this part of the track, so there’ll be pats and smiles all ‘round.

dog friendly Box Vale walking track

Along this trail you’ll find yourself encountering an historic tunnel that is 84 meters in length and part of the old tramway. This hollow tunnel is especially enjoyed by kids, who love bouncing their echo off the hollow walls.

Whilst there is some slightly uneven terrain, this track also has easy, level paths for respite along the way if needed. Wildlife is in abundance in the area, so be sure to keep your eye out!

For the more adventurous

If you have a little more time on your side, you can make your way down the fire trail towards the Forty Foot Falls. This will add an extra 1.5km and an additional hour to the trek, making it approximately a 4-hour round-trip. The Falls cannot be seen from the end of the trail, but it’s definitely worth the walk to be surrounded by stunning bushland.

Reaching the Falls

Having come this far though, the Falls are an absolute must – especially if you love to break a sweat! If you do want to experience the majestic Forty Foot Falls in all their glory, be prepared for a steep decline – we’re talking navigating a 110-metre drop, so it’s not for the faint hearted. If you can, we recommend bringing along some gloves, as there’s a cable you can use to help stabilise yourself on the way down. This is a difficult trek and takes experience to navigate. If you do decide to go all the way to the Falls, be prepared to add an extra 1.8km and another 2 hours to the original walk, plus stopping for a rest and some snap-happy moments, of course, so don’t forget the camera and a big bottle of water! It really is a spectacular trail, and the return journey is sure to feature sights you didn’t see on the way down. Well worth the sore legs the next day!

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