Lyka Story: Meet Stitch, the wonderful whippet

When your pupper faces health difficulties, it can be difficult to sit back and watch ineffective treatments offer little improvement. When Stitch’s fur mama Eneida noticed that his injections for his stomach problems were giving unwanted side effects, she decided to try Lyka. Now, his stomach is healthier than ever, he’s got more energy and his coat is feeling amazing.

Meet Eneida and her friendly pup, Stitch

Stitch is a whippet who loves exploring nature and getting out and about with his fur mama, Eneida. He came into her life through a stroke of luck at the shelter:

“I was looking for a Whippet but wanted one from a rescue. On Sunday night I thought, what are the chances a Whippet will come into rescue (because they’re so sought after!), and Stitch came online Monday morning. I picked him up on Tuesday evening – it was love at first sight. He came straight up to me like he knew I had chosen him already!”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

He turns heads everywhere he goes due to his beautiful coat, and loves cheering up children he meets at the park. His love for exploring and getting involved in nature, while impressive to some, has left Eneida with more than a few funny stories about her adventurous pupper getting a bit carried away:

“Stitch loves Jubilee Park and always heads into the mangroves next to the little beach area. One day he went into the mangroves, and bolted straight out with a fish in his mouth. The funny thing about this was, people assumed he came out of the water and caught a fish. There were “oooo’s” and “aaah’s” and people commenting what a clever hunter he was to have caught a fish in water. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the fish was long dead and found in the mangroves! I had to chase after him and dispose of that nasty fish”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Stitch’s stomach worries

Since Stitch was a pup, he’s had stomach issues, with uncomfortable gurgling, diarrhoea and even vomiting. Eneida took him to multiple vets, who all said he had inflamed bowels, and needed regular injections. These injections left poor Stitch feeling drowsy and not himself, so Eneida decided to try a natural vet, who not only cost $450, but gave poor service and advice that offered no help. Then, a shop assistant at a pet store recommended that she should try fresh dog food from Lyka, and according to Eneida that has made all the difference:

“Stitch’s stomach improved within a week after I started feeding Lyka to him. No more diarrhoea, gurgling of the stomach, his poos are fantastic and have little odour”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Not only did Stitch’s stomach see benefits , but his coat improved too:

“His wiry coat is now soft! Best thing ever!”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Lyka also helped Stitch get back to his normal, energetic self, and Eneida thinks he now has even more energy than he did before the injections:

“He also has way more energy. It’s good to see him bouncing around”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Giving pupper a spring in their step

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Lyka Story: Zuzu, the travelling pupper

Finding a way to feed your pupper nutritious food can be difficult when they’re a picky eater. For Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade, this meant getting him on a grain-free diet to help her manage his skin condition. Jade was then left with the time-consuming task of home cooking meals to get him to eat anything at all. With Jade discovering Lyka, Zuzu is happier and healthier than ever, and has even been able to travel the world. 

Meet Jade and her loving pupper, Zuzu

Zuzu is an adorable pug who loves snoring on the couch and exploring the world with his dog parents, Jade and her husband. “He is very calm, quiet and barely noticeable in the house as he blends into the top our black couch where he spends many hours of the day snoring”, says Jade. He is a happy, loving pupper who’s able to bring a happiness to everyone he meets with his gorgeous smile.   

Zuzu became a part of their lives in May 2013, where he was ecstatic to meet his new family.  

“The first time we saw him he ran straight up to us with his tiny little paws, wagging his tail. He was so excited to see us, as if he were already ours, and that’s the day we took him home and our household changed forever!” 

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade 

Helping Zuzu manage his skin condition

When Zuzu was about a year old, he developed some skin issues, but after several tests a direct cause could still not be found. Believing his diet to be a potential cause, Jade decided to try a grain-free diet, which the fussy Zuzu wasn’t a fan of, meaning Jade was having to home cook all of his meals: “After trying many grain free dog foods and a lot of hunger strikes, we were really struggling to find anything he would eat. I found myself having to cook him homemade dog food in order to get him to eat at all.”  

After searching for something more convenient, Jade then started feeding Zuzu Lyka, which he fell in love with immediately: “It was exactly what I was looking for and a massive game changer for us! Our first order arrived and Zuzu absolutely devoured his first Lyka pouch. It was a huge relief for us, and we have been very happy customers ever since.”

Zuzu’s travels

When Zuzu’s parents decided they wanted to go travelling overseas, it was a no brainer for them to bring their pupper along for the trip. Jade explained: “We didn’t want to leave Zuzu behind as he is very attached and dependent on the two of us and is considered a member of our family.” Zuzu was able to travel to Singapore, Dubai, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Netherlands during a 6-month holiday and got to smell many new places and experience several different treats. 


His parents purchased a car in England so that they could drive around to different destinations. He was able to have many amazing experiences, including posing for photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, climbing through mountains in Switzerland and eating sausages at German markets.  

Although he made many memories, one that stuck out for Jade was his eventful trip to the vet: 

“We had to attend a very important vet appointment in Germany for Zuzu where he had to take a tablet and have an injection in order for him to fly home with us in time for Christmas in Australia. Being the stubborn pug he is, he refused to eat the tablet for the vet… It got to the point where the vet was closed, and we were still there! I ended up having to sprint down the road in the dark and freezing cold to a supermarket to buy ham and cheese, run back and hide the tablet in the combined ham and cheese snackball to get him to eat it… It was safe to say that the German vet thought we were some very insane Aussies with a spoiled pug!” 

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade 

Still wanting to give Zuzu nutritious food for as long as possible, Jade was able to get Lyka to him right up until he left Australia, getting it shipped to them in Sydney during their transfer, and then immediately when he returned home, even having fresh Lyka food during his 10-day quarantine period in Melbourne.  

Keeping Zuzu healthy with Lyka

Since giving Zuzu his first ever Lyka pouch, Jade had seen improvements in skin and general wellbeing, and has been a loyal customer ever since: 

“Zuzu is medicated for his skin issues but I have noticed a huge improvement in his coat and less itchiness and infections to his facial folds and ears since he has been on Lyka.”

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade  

Jade also noticed Zuzu being much softer, having more of a shine to his coat and having good teeth since being on Lyka.   

“We also receive a lot of compliments from vets about Zuzu’s dental health which I believe is due to his healthy diet with Lyka.”

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade

Giving puppers a spring in their step…

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Lyka Story: Bringing a bounce to Bowie’s step with healthy dog food

Has your pupper suddenly become a picky eater? A change to healthy dog food is what Bowie’s fur mama, Libby, needed to make sure that Bowie was receiving the right nutrients to his diet. From being a picky pupper to licking the bowl clean, Bowie is on a journey to a happier and healthier tummy!

Meet Libby and her handsome pupper, Bowie

Bowie is a fluffy Cocker Spaniel who loves a cute snuggle next to his fur mama, Libby. “He also has a habit of jumping into bed with me as soon as my husband leaves in the morning and flopping his little body down beside me for a snuggle and a beauty sleep, so cute!” said Libby. Bowie was happily introduced into Libby’s life as an early Christmas present.

There were many hints that Libby was noticing such as a dog bed and some toys. “The next thing I know, my husband walks through the door with baby Bowie, with a little blue scarf around his neck! I was absolutely speechless at the sight of this tiny little bean! I couldn’t believe that this little bundle of love was mine! Best day ever!” said Libby.

Since then, Libby brings Bowie on many adventures, in particular, the beach. “Bowie has developed selective hearing, especially when we go to the beach. He pretends he is deaf until he reaches the water and only then will he turn around with a wagging tail and look back as if to say ‘sorry, were you calling me?'” said Libby.

From a picky eater, to a lick-the-bowl-clean eater…

Bowie was initially kept on dry food that was recommended by his breeder. “Then about 4 months in he became really picky and wasn’t interested in his food anymore… Which, for Cocker Spaniels, is unheard of!” said Libby. Since having Bowie, Libby has always wanted the very best for Bowie and that also meant for him to live his best life. After some discussion with her husband and some research into healthy dog food, they decided that Lyka was a stand-out option and opted to give it a go.

“I was so happy that something existed that was literally no fuss and little time on my end, but was also inclusive of everything I would want my dog to consume without having to pay an absolute fortune and spend hours in the kitchen.”

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Bowie wolfed down his first meal and licked the bowl clean until every little piece of food was gone. Libby saw a bounce to Bowie’s step for the rest of the day and when she gave him another half of the pack, Bowie inhaled it all down. Libby found that Bowie’s energy was back to being a funny and excitable pupper. Bowie would whimper at the same time every morning and evening, knowing that he was in for the best healthy dog food that his tummy couldn’t resist.

“His poos became quick, easy and a great colour instead of straining out little pellets, and his hair grew like anything! I’ve never seen a happier boy! “

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Every single day, people ask or comment on Bowie’s coat especially on how healthy and handsome he is. “I owe it all to Lyka! His teeth are perfectly white, his eyes are clear, his skin is healthy and he literally shines.” said Libby.

“I know that Lyka is a little more expensive than store-bought food, but it’s 100% worth it to have such a happy and healthy doggie and to know that he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. “

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Giving puppers a bounce to their step…

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Lyka Story: Natural foods for dogs improves Django’s behaviour

Sometimes all it takes for pupper to have that extra bounce to their step is through a happier and healthier tummy. Django’s fur papa, Ian, founder of Bondi Behavourist, found that a diet that provides natural foods for dogs was exactly what Django needed. From a life of neglect to a life full of energy and an even happier tummy, Django is on a quicker and better way to living a healthier and happier life that he truly deserves.

Meet Ian and his handsome pupper, Django

Django is an 8 year old Maltese-cross who takes everything in his stride. Ian adopted Django from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. “When I first brought him home he was a little more jumpy and skittish but even back then he was remarkably relaxed.” said Ian. With a friendly face and everywhere he went, Django would fit in like he’s done it his whole life. He was always known to be relaxed and easy-going.

Before Ian adopted Django, Django was so unhealthy from neglect and had flea bites everywhere. He was almost unrecognisable as Ian thought he was a wiry terrier mix. But this made no difference to Ian or to his relationship with Django. “I couldn’t love him any more and he gets treated the same by me no matter what he looks like.” said Ian.

8 year old Maltese-cross, Django
Taken by Peter Sharp from Tame & Wild Studio

A natural foods diet to improve Django’s behaviour

From being the skinny, flea-bitten, balding dog with a bad liver and kidneys, to being the energetic and enthusiastic pupper, Django had come a long way. People were beginning to notice how fast Django was getting better because of a change to his diet.

“But then when I changed to Lyka things went to another level. Within three days his energy levels went up, and they have stayed there since. Not in a hyper active way but in an enthusiastic way. “

Django’s fur papa, Ian

Django is still coming out of his shell but since moving to Lyka, Ian found Django to be more trainable since he is more food motivated. It gave Ian the opportunity to engage, communicate more and strengthen their relationship even further. “I believe that Lyka is helping him be the healthiest and happiest version of himself.” Ian shared.

Since Django has been on Lyka, Ian was seeing Django’s energy levels and willingness to engage with people increase so much. “I hadn’t seen him play or run until he had been on it for around a month. So I really believe that Lyka has had a huge part to play in his behaviour…” Ian said.

8 year old Maltese-cross, Django
Taken by Peter Sharp at Tame & Wild Studio

Here for all fur parents and puppers, now and always

Apart from natural foods for dogs, what drew Ian to Lyka was the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of it being delivered to his home. He was drawn to the idea that the food is meant for consumption rather than shelf life, but once he looked into Lyka more, Ian was really surprised. “I found that it worked out cheaper than what I was currently feeding him, not by much ($0.10 a day) but still cheaper none the less, that was a real shock to be honest, I thought it was going to cost me a lot more than it does.” said Ian.

Since starting Bondi Behaviourist, Ian has also launched the Healthy Dog Pod podcast. Ian believes that the choices we make for our puppers can make a huge impact on their lives. That includes natural foods for dogs that positively bring out the best in puppers.

Lyka bringing out the best behaviours in puppers

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Lyka Story – Senior dog food helps Betty step it up a gear

Many senior puppers can develop health complications as they age. That includes becoming pickier with their diet. We’ve teamed up with Peter Sharp from Tame & Wild Studio, an ambassador for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home (SDCH), to tell Betty’s life-changing story from being rehomed and getting her health back on track with healthier senior dog food.

Peter is an award-winning pet photographer who volunteers at SDCH. He strongly believes in the importance of photography to unite puppers with the right family. His passion lies with giving back to the community by capturing touching stories of neglected or sick pets who have gone on to find loving new homes. One of these stories is none other than our Lyka pupper, Betty.

Meet Lucy and her super loving pupper, Betty

Betty, also known as Betty White, is a Maltese-cross who was neglected by her previous owners. At the age of 12, health was not on her side. She required treatment for many health issues and major surgery to remove most of her teeth and multiple mammary tumours. Betty’s fur was matted and needed a new makeover. Betty was part of SDCH’s Senior Pet Project and that’s where she caught Lucy’s eye. Betty White was so excited that she was jumping up and down until Lucy approached her. It was from that day on, Lucy knew Betty was the one she was going to adopt.

Betty White is the star of the show everywhere she goes. She loves a good cuddle and the attention from everyone. As Lucy works from home, she spends all day together with Betty and they even go for walks in Sydney Parks. It was clear Betty’s got a favourite! Since Betty White has been in Lucy’s loving care, Betty is like a new pupper living her best life!

12 year old Maltese-cross, Betty White – Taken by
Peter Sharp from Tame & Wild Studio

Betty’s got an itch for a fresh diet

Like some senior puppers, Betty White was a fussy eater. She also had sensitive itchy skin. Her fur mama Lucy needed to find senior dog food to suit Betty’s fussy nature.

“I was at a fundraiser for SDCH when I met Ian at Bondi Behaviourist. I was speaking to him about Betty’s fussy nature when it comes to food, he mentioned giving Lyka a try and we haven’t looked back since! It’s been a real turn around for her.”

Betty’s fur mama, Lucy

After Betty’s first week on Lyka, Lucy was noticing positive changes in Betty’s energy levels. “She was always excitable when people would come to our house, but she’s definitely stepped it up a gear!” said Lucy. Betty’s sensitive and itchy skin was also stopping her from living her best life, but a fresh bowl of Lyka helped stop that. “As spring/summer approaches, she is always extra itchy…but that has not pretty much stopped completely.” Lucy shared.

Boosting senior dog’s energy levels with Lyka

Betty is and has always been a friendly pupper, and since switching to a fresh diet with Lyka, Lucy noticed incredible changes in all aspects of Betty’s life. “I couldn’t imagine not having her now, adopting her was the best decision we’ve made.” said Lucy.

Every pupper deserves a chance to live their best life and that includes providing them with happier and healthier way of living. It is so important that puppers in need of a home go to the right family and that’s what Peter aims to do through his lens.

To find out more about Betty’s story and other rescue puppers, Peter from Tame & Wild Studio has released “Lost but Found“, a book that captures touching and inspiring stories of neglected or sick animals through his beautiful photography. All of the royalties from the sale of this book go to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home to help puppers find loving homes.

You can also find out more about our Lyka meals on our website at

Lyka Story: Cooma’s road to recovery with natural dog food

Raw dog food is becoming a popular choice amogst dog owners, although it can pose a risks to puppers and their humans alike. For Cooma, some raw chicken on his birthday led to him becoming completely paralysed. Cooma’s fur mama, Louise Grant, wanted only the best for her pupper to live his best life. Louise and her pupper, Cooma have shared their powerful Lyka journey and how Lyka’s natural dog food has been the support for Cooma in his road to recovery.

Meet Louise and her amazing pupper, Cooma

Cooma was a happy-go-lucky 7 year old pupper who loves his long 8km walks, hours of play at the beach and running after his toys. Louise cooked his food most of the time and would give Cooma treats just like other fur mamas.

Going from energetic to lethargic was just a matter of time

A few days prior to Cooma’s 8th birthday, Louise gave him raw chicken necks for breakfast and a juicy steak for dinner to celebrate. A day later, Cooma was feeling lethargic on his walk, and Louise had planned a big week for Cooma going on a lot of walks and many visits to the beach. The next day, Louise noticed his voice was squeaky and soft, and thought it was just a cold. When she got home from her night shift the next morning, instead of her usual energetic pup greeting her at the door, Louise found her pupper laying on the kitchen floor, unable to walk and bark, lying in his own drool as he looked up at her. 

Louise scooped Cooma up off the ground and carried him straight to the vets. He was shaved in the hunt for ticks, blood test galore, snake anti venom, antibiotics and fluids, but none of these helped her pupper. The next week, her beautiful Cooma was inexplicably paralysed in all four limbs. 

Louise brought her pupper home to look after him. Cooma needed feeding every two hours, carried to the toilet, his position needed to be changed to stop bed sores and needed hand feeding, one spoon of broth at a time. “By Thursday he could barely lift his head, drooled constantly and he was officially diagnosed with Idiopathic Polyradiculoneuropathy – ‘coonhound paralysis’” Louise said. 

“Cooma was shaved in the hunt for ticks,
blood test galore, snake anti venom, antibiotics and fluids”
– Louise Grant

Switching from a raw to a lightly cooked diet was just the beginning

Studies with the RSPCA and the University of Melbourne have linked raw chicken necks and raw meat with the condition – a disease that disables a dog’s ability to move, but keeps their senses intact. “The good news is, the dogs recover with the right time, the right rehabilitation and the right nutrition. For some this recovery is months, for others well over a year. Thankfully our journey was faster.” Louise said whilst still staying positive about Cooma’s recovery.

Once Cooma could chew again without any help, Louise was determined that her pupper was going to get only the best natural dog food filled with muscle building goodness and health restoring vitamins. She knew she needed to look into lightly cooked food to help Cooma with his recovery. And so began Louise and Cooma’s Lyka Journey! 

Now 5 months down the track, Cooma is back to his energetic self, running around the beach and chasing after toys. With a positive outlook on Cooma’s recovery, Louise said “All because his body has had the right fuel to rebuild his muscles, joints and functionality…well, except for maybe his funny little bunny hop he does while he runs now haha.

To Louise, Cooma is part of the family. “He is my best friend and companion in this crazy thing called life, and all of that almost disappeared because I gave him what I thought was good raw food.” Louise said feeling lucky that Cooma defied all the odds and recovered months faster than other dogs in the same situation.

And honestly, I put this down to three things: his spirited nature, my stubborn nursing and the right nutrition. And I have Lyka to thank for that.

Cooma’s fur mama, Louise

Louise became the hero in Cooma’s eyes the moment she switched to Lyka. She was very determined to get Cooma back on track so that he can live his best life.

With Lyka’s support, Cooma is now back to being the energetic pupper he’s always been!

Here for pupper now and always

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Lyka Story: A fresh diet for dogs helps Noodle and Baxter feel younger

As your pupper gets older, their health and diet requires more special attention. This means ensuring they are getting the healthiest ingredients and nutrients in their diet so you and your pupper can thrive together. Virginia and her two gorgeous yorkies, Noodle and Baxter have shared their positive Lyka journey and their experiences with switching to a fresh diet for dogs.

Meet Virginia and her gorgeous puppers, Noodle and Baxter

Noodle and Baxter moved to Australia 10 years ago from the East Coast of New Zealand. “Baxter loves bags, any bags from shopping bags to hand bags, he will jump in and make himself at home no matter how big or small the bag is. Noodle loves food and craves a good meal or snack.” Virginia shared on both her pupper’s different personalities.

They are both 11 years old and are moving into their golden older years. With old age, Noodle was diagnosed with a heart condition, Cushing’s disease and cancer.

Since making a switch to Lyka, Noodle & Baxter are coping with their
health conditions better than Virginia expected!

Supporting senior dogs with health concerns

Noodle and Baxter’s health was the main concern for Virginia, “Noodle and Baxter both suffered bouts of diarrhea and constipation.” Virginia said and this meant their stool was not looking normal. Apart from diarrhea and constipation, Noodle’s heart condition, Cushing’s disease and cancer were health concerns that Virginia wanted to help combat. So she opted for healthier options with Lyka.

Since making the switch to Lyka, she has seen both puppers thrive and Noodle coping with her health conditions better than Virginia had expected. Similarly, Noodle and Baxter are now producing healthier and regular stools. A fresh diet for dogs that is human-grade, lightly cooked with fresh ingredients and no preservatives was exactly what Virginia was looking for. With a relief, Virginia said “I truly don’t think we would be in this position with her if she wasn’t eating Lyka.”

Finding the balance with maintaining weight

Both Noodle and Baxter were having slight issues with maintaining their weight. Noodle, loving food so much, gained weight easily. On the other hand, Baxter was underweight and would easily turn away his dinner. Virginia switched to Lyka in order to help maintain both Noodle and Baxter’s ideal weight, as well as provide them with fresh nutrients.

Since moving to Lyka, Noodle has lost weight while simply eating two Lyka meals a day. Similarly, Baxter now eats two meals a day, twice the amount recommended for his weight, and has gained weight whilst also increasing his nutrient levels. Now with their new and improved diets, both Noodle and Baxter have transformed into more energetic and healthier dogs.

Thrive with Lyka

Your pupper deserves only the best, real food ingredients to help them thrive in life every day. That’s why our recipes are carefully crafted to provide the optimal balance of natural nutrients, for their health to thrive. Give our sampler box a go and see your pupper’s overall health improve!

Lyka story: The fresh food for dogs that made Theophilus & Ernie shinier and energetic

Properly feeding your pupper isn’t just about giving them food at the same time each and every day. It’s also about making the right food choices to let them thrive and develop as well as they should. Clare, one of our loyal customers, shares her positive experience switching her puppers from dry food to real, fresh food for dogs. They now have even more energy and even shinier coats!

Meet Clare and her adorable puppers, Theophilus & Ernie

Clare wanted a Newfoundland for twenty years before she got her first one, who she named Theophilus. She is now nearly two years old. “Her cheekiness and her sweetness are equal first,” Clare tells us about Theophilus’ most unique personality trait. 

Theophilus has been one of the greatest joys of Clare’s life, along with her brother Ernie, a six-and-a-half-year-old rescue Newfoundland. Clare recently adopted Ernie in March and she says, since then, he’s like a new dog. He loves snuggling and has a super-loving nature. 

Ernie (left) and Theophilus (right) playing in the snow last month

Their relationship is one of a kind. Ernie loves Theophilus, and Theophilus pretends not to love Ernie, but when Clare isn’t watching, they sometimes sleep “holding hands”.  

Theophilus tries to play with Ernie but he hasn’t yet been well socialised. Because he gets nervous, Ernie will just give her the ball or whatever it is she’s trying to tempt him with. But he’s coming along, and now they sometimes wrestle over a stick. 

Want more adorable photos of theirs? You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @theophilusandernie

Taking the “mainstream” approach: Just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean it’s right!

Initially, Theophilus was on packaged dry food. But Clare was worried about the toll it may have taken on her energy levels. “I thought dry food had too many additives,” she admits. Additives are commonly used in dry food or processed food for different purposes, like extending the shelf life, enhancing the flavours and appearance… the ‘seems-to-be-necessary’ list goes on.

Some additives are sourced from natural sources, but some are derived from manufactured ones. The latter is often thought to be responsible for any adverse reactions or intolerance symptoms in some dogs. And since it’s possible for dog foods to contain synthetic additives without being advertised on the ingredient list, it’s natural for dog owners to worry about feeding this food to their dogs.

Clare knew that she needed to switch Theophilus to fresh food, but time was her only issue. “I don’t have time to prepare fresh food myself,” Clare said. And with good reason! Making pupper homemade food starts with learning about what pupper needs, which often involves consulting vets, making your way to find all the ingredients you need, and finally prepping and cooking them. It’s arguably more work in making fresh food for dogs than cooking for a human family!

Why not give Lyka a chance?

Clare then found Lyka online and decided to give it a go. After three weeks with a Lyka subscription, Clare saw that Theophilus had so much energy. “She used to be quite lethargic and now she loves to run and run. She is very shiny too,” Clare says. “She was like a new dog!”

When Ernie joined the family, she subscribed him to Lyka too. “When we got Ernie, he was skinny and anxious and he couldn’t finish his dinner as he’d get distracted and afraid,” Clare says, “But now he barks at me to get up and feed him in the morning and chomps his jaw while I am preparing his food. It’s hard to separate out the food from being with us [that makes him that excited], but [we know that] he loves his Lyka! He’s also come out of his shell and now he is an enormous loveable goofball.” 

Lyka is the easiest way to provide a real, fresh diet

Lyka disrupts the pet food industry by preparing all meals on demand and delivering them directly to our customers. Lyka is built on the premise that dogs should be as choosy as we are when it comes to food. We redefine pet food by producing minimally processed wholefoods in a human-grade kitchen.

Order your 7-day Lyka trial box now and get ready to see real changes in your pup, brought by real, fresh food for dogs. Hassle-free for you, better for pupper!

Lyka story: Aqua & Felix thriving on homemade dog food

With so many studies published revealing the link between processed dog food and chronic diseases, many dog owners choose to feed their puppers homemade dog food. And since many of the things we eat are also pupper-friendly (the list is here!), there’s a big chance that you have all the ingredients you need for healthy, tasty dog meals just right in your kitchen. But what if you can get the homemade diets delivered? Our loyal customer, Visca, shares with us how Lyka keeps her commitment to only giving the best for her lovely Aqua and Felix, especially when she’s away for holidays.

Meet Visca and her puppers, Aqua and Felix

Visca’s journey with puppers started when she fell in love with a grumpy looking pug back in 2016. She adopted him the following year as her birthday present and named him Aqua, short for Aquarius. Aqua grew up as a healthy, adorable pupper who loves all humans and dogs he meets. 

One and a half year later, Visca fell in love the second time with a squishy face Frenchie that she adopted and named Felix. It means “lucky” as she thought she would never be able to afford another pupper. They love walking in the sunset together, the perks of living next to the golf course and having the ocean as their backyard. You can see their adorably heartwarming pictures here.

Can you spot Felix? 🙂
Want to see more pictures? Follow their Instagram @aquafelixlittlebay

The commitment to only providing the best food

Reading plenty of articles about the natural way of feeding dogs, Visca was determined to avoid any commercial dog food for Aqua, her first-ever pupper. “I don’t believe in kibble,” she says. Since his gotcha day, Aqua had homemade dog food as 95% of his food.

Visca also decided to only consume food that Aqua can eat, meaning there is no more onion, grapes, and macadamia nuts in her diet. Chocolate is her only weakness (understandably!). It’s a different kind of serotonin-boosting food. “Who can say no to chocolate when Aqua my endless love is around?” she askes.

Real food, real benefits

Visca used organic chicken, lamb, or beef, nutrient-dense vegetables like broccoli and kale, super seeds like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, healthy roots like turmeric, medicinal herbs like parsley, and beneficial oils like coconut oil for Aqua’s meals. She also made sure the ingredients used were gluten-free. Visca has always wanted Aqua to get the nutrients he needs to thrive and develop into a healthy, happy dog.

Her commitment paid off. “Aqua has been a very healthy boy. He never goes to the vet for illnesses,” says Visca. But one day, Visca’s feet were itchy for an overseas holiday, meaning she’d be away for more than a week. So, she was hoping to find ready-to-eat food for Aqua so he can stay in the boarding kennel and eat healthily.

“Lyka is the answer to my prayers”

Visca was taking Aqua to the dog daycare Centennial Bark when she encountered Lyka. She was thrilled to discover it. “Lyka is the answer to my prayers“, she says. She brought some samples home and gave it a try, with a great result: Aqua loved it! This was in early 2018 when Felix had not yet joined the family. After doing her own research about Lyka and its ingredients, she decided to subscribe to Lyka without any hesitation. “I’m so lucky to find Lyka, otherwise the kitchen is my third office!” Visca says.

Aqua (left) and Felix (right) with their Lyka boxes

The two things Visca loves the most about Lyka? “It gives me the convenience of not cooking all the time, and still offers consistent quality in each batch,” says Visca. Aside from the obvious convenience factor, she has noticed that Lyka helps keep Aqua in tip-top shape. “Lyka is one of the keys to Aqua’s excellent health. It’s just like my homemade dog food. Aqua’s trips to the vet are only and only for vaccinations,” says Visca.

“Things never happen the same way twice” – C. S. Lewis

Felix is also following Aqua’s pathway to the same goal after he was adopted, but it is not without challenges. After undertaking two surgeries in less than 6 months, his weakened immune system took the toll. Felix developed skin allergies. Visits to the vets and dermatologists have alleviated the acute phase, but they have not fully resolved his skin conditions. Visca determines to take the natural step to support his healing process using the “food to heal”‘ principle. Her trust in human-grade ingredients quality and consistency that Lyka bowls offer is still taking part in Felix’s journey to fully recover.

Meet Lyka, your number one supporter for your puppers’ best life

At Lyka, we develop vet-approved recipes that cover the nutrients your pupper needs, and tailor the serving size to ensure their portion is just right. Just click “order” and leave the rest to us. Kick start your dog’s healthy eating plan with a 7-day Lyka trial box, and get ready to be impressed by Lyka’s convenience and quality.

Australia’s most #lykable dog 2019

To our valued Lyka community, the day is finally here! We are super excited to announce the final winners of the first ever Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog campaign.

The good news: Adoptable pups found their forever homes

The competition was tough – with over 500 of you taking the time to enter your pups and tell us what you find most #Lykable about them! We had some beautiful entries including a dog Mum who said her dog healed her depression, and two adoptable dogs who found homes throughout the competition, Eddie and Layla.

Pam Whitwell from SeqK9 rescue centre who had a special relationship with Eddie, said of his adoption: “Eddie came into seqk9 rescue from Maryborough pound. He received some amazing training whilst in care and to see him adopted to a lovely family is a joy all foster carers know well. We wish Eddie all the best and hope that all rescue dogs get a second chance.

The challenging process of finding the one

To reach the top 25, it came down to the number of votes you rallied in for your fur-babies, and oh my goodness the competition was tough! In the end, the page had over 45,000 views of the competition page, of busy voters and entrants tracking their progress.

And from the top 25 finalists, three of us have undergone the hard task of choosing Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog, and four the runners ups. Agnes Beugnon, Editor of Australian Dog Lover, Owen George Editor of GC Mag and myself considered the image in the entry and the creativity of the post.

We chose the four runner-ups to be Miles (@stephdukic) for his effort in getting his Mum to make such a great entry, Jack (@gehrkeshelley) for being such a good boy and posing for his Mum and Noodles (@noodlesthedachsie) for bringing much love and joy to his family. These 3 runner-ups are entitled to 1 month (28 days) complimentary Lyka Pet Food with personalised daily serving size. The fourth runner up is the ever curious looking Rosco (@roscotheratbag), to be awarded a leash and collar from Handmade AdoraBarcelona.

Congratulations to all the runners up!

For one lucky pupper, we couldn’t go past awarding her for managing to get so many votes. For being “Australia’s Most Popular Dog”, we have created a special bonus prize, awarded to Meisha (@barnsie333) who will receive 5kg of Lyka Pet Food and a special trophy for her mantle with her title on it to be proud of for years to come!

Meisha is awarded as Australia’s most popular dog 2019!

Meet our winner this year, Sean

Finally, we are very pleased to announce Sean (@seanthetibbypug) as Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog 2019 because of his unmissable smile that lights up the room and for purposefully bringing so much joy to those around him.

As the winner, Sean will receive 12-month complimentary Lyka Pet Food and an Integrative Veterinary Holistic Health Review by All Natural Vet Care, the first dedicated veterinary practice in Sydney to offer Integrative Veterinary Medicine. The prize would include 1-hour holistic consultation, a comprehensive written care plan, and 45-minute follow-up consultation.

Sean is our most #Lykable dog in Australia this year!

We want to share a big congratulations to every entrant and proud paw-rent, and are so blessed to be able to hear what joy and love your pet pooches bring to your lives. At Lyka, we believe that our pets bring so much joy, love, health and well-being benefits – and we exist to bring those same health benefits to your pets in return – because a creature who is part of your family deserves to be fed like a member of your family – on real, high quality, human grade pet food you can trust.

To hear more about how Lyka help ensure your pets only receive the best, check out

Wishing you and your pet all the very best,

Anna Podolsky
Founder and CEO
Lyka Pet Food

Lyka story: The best diet for dogs? Ask Sasha

As dog owners, we would do anything to give our puppers the best life ever, and it often starts with the quest to find the best diet for dogs. For so long, most dog owners have assumed that premium commercial food is the way to go, considering that the highest quality comes at a premium price. But is it true?

On the other hand, we’ve also noticed that raw diets for dogs are rising in popularity, as there is this emerging idea that dogs should eat the same way as their wild wolf-like ancestors. But has this been proven? 

David and Nicole shared their journey to find the best food for their lovely pup, Sasha, and why they finally trusted her diet to Lyka. The answer is simple: our dogs would tell us themselves if they could. When we give them the option, they just know what’s best for them.

Meet David and Nicole’s pretty pupper, Sasha

Sasha is a 13-month-old Finnish Lapphund. She is a gentle, warm, and loving puppy. She loves to cuddle and show affection. 

Starting with the wrong assumption 

Before Sasha entered David and Nicole’s lives, they assumed that “high quality” commercial dog food was the best diet for dogs, especially since it’s typically recommended by veterinarians. “How wrong we were!” they recall. It didn’t take them long to discover that the phrase “high quality” didn’t mean anything—it translates to “highly processed” and “highly additive-based”. David and Nicole said, “Not at all what we would have intentionally fed to our dog had we known beforehand.” 

On a mission to find real “high quality” food

Before finding Lyka, Sasha was on another company’s raw diet. After some research and a meeting with Sasha’s breeder, David and Nicole decided to pursue a raw diet. But it didn’t go as planned—Sasha rarely ate, and when she did, she had loose and foul-smelling bowel movements. “We knew it wasn’t right for her,” they admitted. 

the best diet for dogs
Sasha with her favourite Lyka bowl

Sasha’s new diet allows her to just be a puppy

Sasha has been on Lyka for over 6 months now. Since being on Lyka, Sasha’s gut health is stable, she’s maintaining a healthy weight, her 13-month-old coat glows, and every day her bowl is licked clean.

Meet Lyka, the natural choice for your pup’s health and wellbeing

Lyka believes that dogs should be as choosy as we are when it comes to food. That’s why Lyka is created carefully (and with love) to give puppers the food they deserve. Get your 7-day Lyka trial box now and have your dogs do the sniff test. You’ll quickly see the difference!

Lyka story: Roxy and Sybil’s age-defying secret

Keeping your senior pupper excited at dinner time can be a challenge, especially if they’ve been a fussy eater since a young age. As a dog ages, their appetite decreases and they lose their sense of taste and smell, so it is not uncommon to see our golden oldies turn their nose up on food they previously consumed. Our Lyka customer Michelle Welton shared her story about her struggle to find the right food for her senior furry family members, Roxy and Sybil, and how her encounter with Lyka changed their declining health.

Tell us about your Lyka puppers

Roxy and Sybil have been a part of our family for many many years. Mark and I adopted Roxy at 6 weeks old before we started our family 13 years ago and we adopted Sybil at 6 weeks old before our daughter Mary Mae was born, 11 years ago.

First day in Australia 6 years ago (Roxy 7 years and Sybil 5 years)

Roxy and Sybil started their Australian journey back in 2013 when our family made the decision to immigrate from South Africa. Roxy was 7 years young and Sybil was 5 years young at the time. This journey was a long one for them. They spent 6 months in a home-based quarantine in South Africa with their “Granny” before embarking on a three-day flight to Australia. We could not wait to have our family complete after being separated from them for 6 months. The day arrived and we collected them at Spotswood quarantine facility. These two girls have had such a love of life, they immediately bounced back from the big journey and it was as if they’d always been here.

What initially drew you to try Lyka?

We have always battled to find a dog food that both Roxy and Sybil enjoyed. Both girls have been fussy eaters and we tried every vet brand and a formula food on the market. As the two girls started to age, we noticed a rapid decline in their health. This was hard for us, as they are naturally very active and fun loving dogs. We knew we needed to find a better solution. We then stumbled upon Lyka Dog Food online.

What changes did you see in Roxy and Sybil after changing to Lyka?

Honestly, since the very first meal, they have been hooked. Their health has improved so much and since day one, they both do spins and back-flips when they see the pouches come out the fridge. Not only do Roxy and Sybil love the Lyka, but our Daughter, Mary Mae, enjoys a taste tester when she prepares their food. The Lyka food has been kid approved….big thumbs up.

Mary Mae testing before her feeding duties

At ages 13 and 11, both Roxy and Sybil are back to enjoying active walks and chase their ball as if they are young again, thanks to Lyka dog food. I have attached here quite a number of photos to show how they have seemingly defied their age. I think they look as good today as the day they arrived in Australia 6 years ago.

Roxy (13 years) and Sybil (11 years) blissful on a walk

Lyka, your definite choice to healthy aging

At Lyka, we believe that eating fresh, natural foods is the key to optimal health and wellness, especially for our golden oldies. That is why we make our food with fresh, high quality, minimally processed ingredients. Get your 7-day Lyka trial box now and see how we can help pupper live their senior years at their fullest.

Anna and Lyka’s story

Lyka was built with a passion for dog health and well-being, and it will always be our driver.

Lyka’s story began with our founder Anna Podolsky’s devastating experience with her gorgeous Border Collie cross, Lyka. A few years back, Lyka started experiencing several health conditions, despite being fed with premium commercial pet food and exercised daily.

Lyka had always shed a lot of fur, but it got to the point where she was getting bald patches. Her energy levels were low and her teeth were decaying. Lyka’s vet warned Anna that some of Lyka’s teeth would need to removed in the coming years. She also had itchy ears and mouth, and she would scratch her mouth so hard that it formed scars. “It was so frustrating because I was doing everything by the book, yet she was unwell– and she was only 5 at the time!“, says Anna. “She is so important to me, and all I wanted was for her to be around as long as possible, enjoying life by my side.

As Anna conducted her own research to find the best dog food brand for Lyka, she found out that the commercial pet food supply chain is typically spread across multiple continents, and take months, if not years, to get to stores. Lyka’s “premium” pet food came with a shelf life of up to 25 years! She also found that the nutritional content was questionable, to say the least, and kibble was cooked at 300-400 degrees celsius!

Mind-blown, Anna starting preparing home-made, fresh real food for Lyka. “I notice a change in my body when I follow a healthy diet with lots of fresh plant and animal foods. It made sense that Lyka would feel the same.“, says Anna.

Lyka’s transformation was incredible and noticeable within weeks. Not only was Lyka more energetic, but her coat was also glossier, and her skin was also no longer itchy. Even her tooth decay reversed. As a bonus, Anna also noticed her poo didn’t smell anymore and Lyka’s frequent passing wind had ceased completely.

Now at 10, Lyka is often mistaken for a puppy. Inspired by Lyka’s transformation, Anna started Lyka Pet Food to produce and deliver fresh, human-grade dog food using 100% wholefoods ingredients.

I’m so passionate about the benefits of a real food diet for dogs and disrupting a highly antiquated industry that was built for shelf life and not nutrition. All dogs should have the right to live out their best life, and it starts with what goes in their bowl,” says Anna.

To date, Lyka has flown to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and the USA with Anna before then returning home to Australia. She’s now living her best life in Sydney, spending most days getting belly rubs at Lyka HQ.

Lyka story: Ruby waves goodbye to gut issues thanks to a natural diet

Gut issues in dogs is a common problem and can present themselves in many forms including diarrhea, pancreatitis, and colitis. It’s not surprising that dog owners are seeking to find the perfect diet for their furry ones to balance their dog’s gut bacteria and keep their digestion in tip-top shape. This is exactly the journey Natalie went on with her Lyka puppy, Ruby. Natalie shares her story about Ruby’s past gut issues, trouble with a raw diet and ultimately finding the perfect fresh-food diet that has stopped Ruby’s gut issues from coming back.

Meet Natalie and gorgeous pupper Ruby

Ruby, a 7-year-old Cockapoo, is Natalie’s cheeky dog. “She likes doing things on her own terms”, says Natalie, when asked about Ruby’s unique characteristic. And how she got her name? As a puppy, her colouring was a very rich red, so Natalie was inspired to name her Ruby.

The struggle to find the right diet

Having a long history of gastro issues, it’s important for Ruby to maintain her gut health by eating the right diet and sticking to it consistently. Prior to Lyka, Natalie was determined to feed Ruby with something that was not overly processed and without corn or fillers. “[I] tried raw but that was too rich for her and I was too time poor,” says Natalie. She eventually found Lyka and took a chance. Since then, she has not looked back.

Ruby’s fight with HGE

Ruby’s journey to digestive health hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Over the Christmas, Ruby was hospitalised for a week due to a condition called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). This disease is typically characterised by some clinical signs such as sudden vomiting and/or bloody diarrhea, which can become life-threatening if left untreated. Natalie believes that it could have been brought on due to stress caused by Ruby’s environment over Christmas, though the exact cause still remains unclear. During the Christmas break, Ruby also was not having her consistent Lyka diet as she normally had.

The diet that Ruby can always rely on

The one thing that gave me peace when she came out of the hospital was her food [Lyka],” says Natalie, “I knew I could rely on it [for Ruby] not to suffer another episode again.” What makes her Natalie even happier is the fact that Ruby does not have any awful trouble with her tummy anymore. Ruby’s stool has also improved since her transition onto Lyka. The taste factor is also a huge plus.“[Ruby] just loves it,” says Natalie, “Being a fussy dog, it’s so easy to feed her on it.”

Lyka, your natural choice for pupper’s optimal gut health

Lyka redefines pet food by producing a 100% whole foods, minimally processed diet. Lyka meals are the perfect bowls of lightly cooked food that is gentle on your dog’s sensitive tummy but still tastes amazing (.. that’s what we hear anyway!).

A healthy gut is essential for your pupper to live it’s best life. Ready to improve your dog’s digestive health? Get your 7-day Lyka trial box now and know you are doing the best for their gut.

Lyka story: Fresh Lyka diet has helped improve Donnie’s skin conditions

Imagine if your pup was sick, and even your vet wasn’t able to help! What would you do? This is exactly what happened with Eryn and her dog, Donnie. Read on to see how a Lyka diet transformed Donnie’s life.


Meet Eryn and her Kelpie, Donnie

Eryn’s dog, Donnie, had suffered from a persistent skin condition that made him lose fur clumps at a time. “I realised that even medication wouldn’t help his coat”, says Eryn, who studies design in Sydney.


Donnie has been Eryn’s best furry friend for nine years. She believes Donnie has a special sixth sense that makes him unique compared to other pups. “I always have to trick him into taking baths, and every time I try, he turns around and runs into the backyard. And trust me, I’ve tried so many ways; even treats don’t work anymore”, Eryn says.


The shift to real food

One day, Eryn’s brother introduced her to Lyka and suggested she let Donnie try Lyka’s fresh food. But before making any decisions about altering Donnie’s diet, Eryn decided to conduct her own research into the company. “Knowing that it’s human-grade food and freshly made, it was something I’d definitely provide for Donnie”, Eryn says. For today’s modern dog owner, it’s imperative to know what goes into the pet food you’re buying.


Real results beyond expectations

After feeding Donnie Lyka for about one month, Eryn started to notice real changes in her dog. Not only did his skin look better, but his coat was also fuller and shinier. The improvements didn’t stop there: Eryn also noticed that Donnie’s energy levels had become far higher than they were before introducing Lyka into his diet. He seemed so much happier and more excited to go for walks and outings.


The benefit that I experienced was the content in seeing Donnie transform. I found amazing progress after [Donnie started] eating Lyka foods”, Eryn says. “This is an experience that I would’ve never expected, and I’m grateful to have this product have a life-changing benefit for Donnie”.


Lyka, the best choice for your dog’s health

Built on the premise that dogs deserve the best quality of life, Lyka is redefining Australia’s pet food industry with their one-of-a-kind wholefood subscription.

The secret to a healthy glow is a diet of fresh, nutrient-rich foods. Are you ready to improve your dog’s nutrition? Kick-start their healthy eating goals with a 7-day Lyka trial box now. Build a solid foundation for your dog’s health, and let worrying be a thing of the past.

Richard has never been healthier since starting the Lyka diet

Lyka story: Richard’s homemade meals made easy

With many dogs experiencing health issues while eating commercial food, owners are turning away from legacy dog foods and instead are cooking for their dogs. Although the health benefits the dog’s experience are significant, it’s not always possible to fit the meal preparation into a busy schedule, as Sarah experienced with her dog, Richard.

Meet Sarah and her loyal companion, Richard

Sarah has a cute 12-year-old mixed-breed called Richard as her furry four-legged friend. One thing that stands out about Richard when you meet him is his unique sixth sense. “He knows exactly when your next move is, and getting directly in the way,” says Sarah, a Sydneysider.

In the past, Sarah used to spend her time cooking in bulk for Richard. Richard is prone to bouts of pancreatitis when fed commercial dog food, and therefore he requires a freshly cooked diet for his health. But it hasn’t always been easy for Sarah to consistently provide Richard homemade meals.

The challenge in making home cooked dog food

Homemade dog food requires forward-thinking and organisation to plan and prepare, and hence it is usually easier to cook large batches and freeze portions for future use. Sarah found it challenging to follow such a time-consuming cooking routine. “I used to cook Richard’s meals in bulk batches and froze them, but often ran out at the most inconvenient times,” says Sarah.

Sarah remembers the days when she spent a lot of time shopping for the ingredients, cooking up large batches of meat, pureeing vegetables, adding supplements, cleaning up, and the list goes on. “Often I would run out of meals, and maybe not have the time to cook for a week or so,” says Sarah. This was when she didn’t have the choice but fed Richard with commercial dog food, after which Richard would like clock-work, stretch in discomfort and get diarrhea.

Saving time without compromising quality

Things started to change when Sarah heard about Lyka through her vet (All Natural Vet Care). After visiting Lyka’s website, she was impressed with the ingredients, which were very similar to what she was cooking.  “The set up was easy, and the price was fair,” Sarah says. “I decided to give it a try and am so pleased I did.”… “Richard has never been healther”

Sarah is also happy that she doesn’t spend any more money than she did previously, and that’s not factoring in her time. “Since being on Lyka Chicken and Beef bowls, he hasn’t had a single flare up. No funky poo bags has been a major plus too,” says Sarah, “Richard is also a little prone to over eating but sticking with his Lyka meals and a couple of treats on top, he’s the perfect weight.”

Lyka, your fresh dog food subscription

Lyka is built on the premise that dogs deserve the best quality of life. They are disrupting the pet food industry through their 100% wholefood meal subscription. Lyka makes natural feeding easy through convenient deliveries and tailored portions for your individual dog.

Ready to improve your dog’s nutrition in an easy way? Kick start your dog’s healthy eating plans with a 7-day Lyka trial box and spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your dogs!