Meet our new ambassador: Holistic Vet, Dr. Lu Fenny

Dr Lu Fenny holistic vet

We’re thrilled to announce that Holistic Vet @ Home and star of the popular TV show “Desert Vet” on Channel 9, Dr. Lu Fenny, is our new ambassador!

“With over fifteen years’ experience practicing traditional veterinary medicine and surgery, I am passionate about treating pets holistically to ensure they can live their best lives naturally.”
– Dr. Lu Fenny, Holistic Vet @ Home

A holistic approach to pet wellness

Dr. Fenny uses a combination approach when treating her patients. Encompassing both conventional medicine and science-based natural therapies, she focuses on treating the pet, not just their symptoms. She believes in improving the wellbeing, vitality, quality of life and overall health of the pet, by restoring balance and supporting natural healing. Something that we here at Lyka are very passionate about.   

For Dr. Fenny, natural healing for positive long-term outcomes with fewer negative side effects is most important. To ensure the right course of treatment, she always undertakes a thorough assessment of each patient, from their diet to the amount of exercise they do, as well as their emotional wellbeing and full medical history.

“A holistic approach truly is the best way to ensure your pet will live their healthiest and happiest life.”
– Dr. Lu Fenny

So, why Lyka?

“I believe in Lyka because it’s been developed by an incredible Integrative Vet, Dr. Matt Muir, whom I greatly respect. I know that it’s been thoroughly researched, nutritionally balanced and also has the best quality ingredients. I can recommend it to all of my pet parents and especially those who have dogs with any health problem, because when it comes to fighting disease, optimal nutrition always comes first.”
– Dr. Lu Fenny, Holistic Vet @ Home

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You can find out more about Dr. Lu Fenny here.