Make your dog feel at home, in your home

Make your dog feel at home, in your home

Most Australians view their pet as part of the family, and the “fur baby” trend is only rising. If you’re like most Aussies, you provide your pet with the best veterinary care, groom them and take them along to family activities. But is your home as pet friendly as it can be?


Lyka Pet Food was featured in’s recent blog post on How You Can Make Your Pet Feel Like Part Of The Family.

Lyka’s tips on how to create the perfect pet environment:


Multiple beds

Most pet owners have one bed for their pet, usually in a quiet spot where the pet can sleep without being disturbed. To make them feel even more integrated, set up a second bed in a central part of the house, like the living room, so they can lounge comfortably while hanging out with the family.


Furniture ramps

Do you have a small dog that struggles to get up on furniture? Make it easier for them by setting up a ramp that allows them to easily climb onto the couch or bed for a snuggle. You can control when they are allowed to go up on the furniture, by simply removing the ramp.


Accessible toys

Playing with your pet is a true bonding experience. But can your pet easily access their toys? Rather than keeping them stored in a cupboard or box, always have a few in easily accessible areas, like on their bed or on the ground. To keep them from getting bored, rotate the toys that are “out”.


Pet door

If you live in a home with a balcony, courtyard or backyard, a pet door is a great idea for your pet to come and go as they please, and never miss out on exciting family moments. If you’re renting or don’t want to damage your doors, there’s a multitude of foldable screens with pet doors that you can easily install.


Making your pet feel like part of the family is not just about setting up the house to accommodate them. It’s also important to integrate your pet with your family’s routine as much as possible. From taking them on your morning run, to bringing them along to coffee or brunch, every opportunity they get to participate in family activities will make them feel more like a member of the pack.