Lyka Story: Zuzu, the travelling pupper

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Finding a way to feed your pupper nutritious food can be difficult when they’re a picky eater. For Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade, this meant getting him on a grain-free diet to help her manage his skin condition. Jade was then left with the time-consuming task of home cooking meals to get him to eat anything at all. With Jade discovering Lyka, Zuzu is happier and healthier than ever, and has even been able to travel the world. 

Meet Jade and her loving pupper, Zuzu

Zuzu is an adorable pug who loves snoring on the couch and exploring the world with his dog parents, Jade and her husband. “He is very calm, quiet and barely noticeable in the house as he blends into the top our black couch where he spends many hours of the day snoring”, says Jade. He is a happy, loving pupper who’s able to bring a happiness to everyone he meets with his gorgeous smile.   

Zuzu became a part of their lives in May 2013, where he was ecstatic to meet his new family.  

“The first time we saw him he ran straight up to us with his tiny little paws, wagging his tail. He was so excited to see us, as if he were already ours, and that’s the day we took him home and our household changed forever!” 

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade 

Helping Zuzu manage his skin condition

When Zuzu was about a year old, he developed some skin issues, but after several tests a direct cause could still not be found. Believing his diet to be a potential cause, Jade decided to try a grain-free diet, which the fussy Zuzu wasn’t a fan of, meaning Jade was having to home cook all of his meals: “After trying many grain free dog foods and a lot of hunger strikes, we were really struggling to find anything he would eat. I found myself having to cook him homemade dog food in order to get him to eat at all.”  

After searching for something more convenient, Jade then started feeding Zuzu Lyka, which he fell in love with immediately: “It was exactly what I was looking for and a massive game changer for us! Our first order arrived and Zuzu absolutely devoured his first Lyka pouch. It was a huge relief for us, and we have been very happy customers ever since.”

Zuzu’s travels

When Zuzu’s parents decided they wanted to go travelling overseas, it was a no brainer for them to bring their pupper along for the trip. Jade explained: “We didn’t want to leave Zuzu behind as he is very attached and dependent on the two of us and is considered a member of our family.” Zuzu was able to travel to Singapore, Dubai, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Netherlands during a 6-month holiday and got to smell many new places and experience several different treats. 


His parents purchased a car in England so that they could drive around to different destinations. He was able to have many amazing experiences, including posing for photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, climbing through mountains in Switzerland and eating sausages at German markets.  

Although he made many memories, one that stuck out for Jade was his eventful trip to the vet: 

“We had to attend a very important vet appointment in Germany for Zuzu where he had to take a tablet and have an injection in order for him to fly home with us in time for Christmas in Australia. Being the stubborn pug he is, he refused to eat the tablet for the vet… It got to the point where the vet was closed, and we were still there! I ended up having to sprint down the road in the dark and freezing cold to a supermarket to buy ham and cheese, run back and hide the tablet in the combined ham and cheese snackball to get him to eat it… It was safe to say that the German vet thought we were some very insane Aussies with a spoiled pug!” 

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade 

Still wanting to give Zuzu nutritious food for as long as possible, Jade was able to get Lyka to him right up until he left Australia, getting it shipped to them in Sydney during their transfer, and then immediately when he returned home, even having fresh Lyka food during his 10-day quarantine period in Melbourne.  

Keeping Zuzu healthy with Lyka

Since giving Zuzu his first ever Lyka pouch, Jade had seen improvements in skin and general wellbeing, and has been a loyal customer ever since: 

“Zuzu is medicated for his skin issues but I have noticed a huge improvement in his coat and less itchiness and infections to his facial folds and ears since he has been on Lyka.”

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade  

Jade also noticed Zuzu being much softer, having more of a shine to his coat and having good teeth since being on Lyka.   

“We also receive a lot of compliments from vets about Zuzu’s dental health which I believe is due to his healthy diet with Lyka.”

Zuzu’s fur mama, Jade

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