Lyka story: The fresh food for dogs that made Theophilus & Ernie shinier and energetic

Properly feeding your pupper isn’t just about giving them food at the same time each and every day. It’s also about making the right food choices to let them thrive and develop as well as they should. Clare, one of our loyal customers, shares her positive experience switching her puppers from dry food to real, fresh food for dogs. They now have even more energy and even shinier coats!

Meet Clare and her adorable puppers, Theophilus & Ernie

Clare wanted a Newfoundland for twenty years before she got her first one, who she named Theophilus. She is now nearly two years old. “Her cheekiness and her sweetness are equal first,” Clare tells us about Theophilus’ most unique personality trait. 

Theophilus has been one of the greatest joys of Clare’s life, along with her brother Ernie, a six-and-a-half-year-old rescue Newfoundland. Clare recently adopted Ernie in March and she says, since then, he’s like a new dog. He loves snuggling and has a super-loving nature. 

Ernie (left) and Theophilus (right) playing in the snow last month

Their relationship is one of a kind. Ernie loves Theophilus, and Theophilus pretends not to love Ernie, but when Clare isn’t watching, they sometimes sleep “holding hands”.  

Theophilus tries to play with Ernie but he hasn’t yet been well socialised. Because he gets nervous, Ernie will just give her the ball or whatever it is she’s trying to tempt him with. But he’s coming along, and now they sometimes wrestle over a stick. 

Want more adorable photos of theirs? You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @theophilusandernie

Taking the “mainstream” approach: Just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean it’s right!

Initially, Theophilus was on packaged dry food. But Clare was worried about the toll it may have taken on her energy levels. “I thought dry food had too many additives,” she admits. Additives are commonly used in dry food or processed food for different purposes, like extending the shelf life, enhancing the flavours and appearance… the ‘seems-to-be-necessary’ list goes on.

Some additives are sourced from natural sources, but some are derived from manufactured ones. The latter is often thought to be responsible for any adverse reactions or intolerance symptoms in some dogs. And since it’s possible for dog foods to contain synthetic additives without being advertised on the ingredient list, it’s natural for dog owners to worry about feeding this food to their dogs.

Clare knew that she needed to switch Theophilus to fresh food, but time was her only issue. “I don’t have time to prepare fresh food myself,” Clare said. And with good reason! Making pupper homemade food starts with learning about what pupper needs, which often involves consulting vets, making your way to find all the ingredients you need, and finally prepping and cooking them. It’s arguably more work in making fresh food for dogs than cooking for a human family!

Why not give Lyka a chance?

Clare then found Lyka online and decided to give it a go. After three weeks with a Lyka subscription, Clare saw that Theophilus had so much energy. “She used to be quite lethargic and now she loves to run and run. She is very shiny too,” Clare says. “She was like a new dog!”

When Ernie joined the family, she subscribed him to Lyka too. “When we got Ernie, he was skinny and anxious and he couldn’t finish his dinner as he’d get distracted and afraid,” Clare says, “But now he barks at me to get up and feed him in the morning and chomps his jaw while I am preparing his food. It’s hard to separate out the food from being with us [that makes him that excited], but [we know that] he loves his Lyka! He’s also come out of his shell and now he is an enormous loveable goofball.” 

Lyka is the easiest way to provide a real, fresh diet

Lyka disrupts the pet food industry by preparing all meals on demand and delivering them directly to our customers. Lyka is built on the premise that dogs should be as choosy as we are when it comes to food. We redefine pet food by producing minimally processed wholefoods in a human-grade kitchen.

Order your Starter Box now and get ready to see real changes in your pup, brought by real, fresh food for dogs. Hassle-free for you, better for pupper!