Lyka story: The best diet for dogs? Ask Sasha

As dog owners, we would do anything to give our puppers the best life ever, and it often starts with the quest to find the best diet for dogs. For so long, most dog owners have assumed that premium commercial food is the way to go, considering that the highest quality comes at a premium price. But is it true?

On the other hand, we’ve also noticed that raw diets for dogs are rising in popularity, as there is this emerging idea that dogs should eat the same way as their wild wolf-like ancestors. But has this been proven? 

David and Nicole shared their journey to find the best food for their lovely pup, Sasha, and why they finally trusted her diet to Lyka. The answer is simple: our dogs would tell us themselves if they could. When we give them the option, they just know what’s best for them.

Meet David and Nicole’s pretty pupper, Sasha

Sasha is a 13-month-old Finnish Lapphund. She is a gentle, warm, and loving puppy. She loves to cuddle and show affection. 

Starting with the wrong assumption 

Before Sasha entered David and Nicole’s lives, they assumed that “high quality” commercial dog food was the best diet for dogs, especially since it’s typically recommended by veterinarians. “How wrong we were!” they recall. It didn’t take them long to discover that the phrase “high quality” didn’t mean anything—it translates to “highly processed” and “highly additive-based”. David and Nicole said, “Not at all what we would have intentionally fed to our dog had we known beforehand.” 

On a mission to find real “high quality” food

Before finding Lyka, Sasha was on another company’s raw diet. After some research and a meeting with Sasha’s breeder, David and Nicole decided to pursue a raw diet. But it didn’t go as planned—Sasha rarely ate, and when she did, she had loose and foul-smelling bowel movements. “We knew it wasn’t right for her,” they admitted. 

the best diet for dogs
Sasha with her favourite Lyka bowl

Sasha’s new diet allows her to just be a puppy

Sasha has been on Lyka for over 6 months now. Since being on Lyka, Sasha’s gut health is stable, she’s maintaining a healthy weight, her 13-month-old coat glows, and every day her bowl is licked clean.

Meet Lyka, the natural choice for your pup’s health and wellbeing

Lyka believes that dogs should be as choosy as we are when it comes to food. That’s why Lyka is created carefully (and with love) to give puppers the food they deserve. Get your Starter Box and have your dogs do the sniff test. You’ll quickly see the difference!