Lyka story: Ruby waves goodbye to gut issues thanks to a natural diet

Gut issues in dogs is a common problem and can present themselves in many forms including diarrhea, pancreatitis, and colitis. It’s not surprising that dog owners are seeking to find the perfect diet for their furry ones to balance their dog’s gut bacteria and keep their digestion in tip-top shape. This is exactly the journey Natalie went on with her Lyka puppy, Ruby. Natalie shares her story about Ruby’s past gut issues, trouble with a raw diet and ultimately finding the perfect fresh-food diet that has stopped Ruby’s gut issues from coming back.

Meet Natalie and gorgeous pupper Ruby

Ruby, a 7-year-old Cockapoo, is Natalie’s cheeky dog. “She likes doing things on her own terms”, says Natalie, when asked about Ruby’s unique characteristic. And how she got her name? As a puppy, her colouring was a very rich red, so Natalie was inspired to name her Ruby.

The struggle to find the right diet

Having a long history of gastro issues, it’s important for Ruby to maintain her gut health by eating the right diet and sticking to it consistently. Prior to Lyka, Natalie was determined to feed Ruby with something that was not overly processed and without corn or fillers. “[I] tried raw but that was too rich for her and I was too time poor,” says Natalie. She eventually found Lyka and took a chance. Since then, she has not looked back.

Ruby’s fight with HGE

Ruby’s journey to digestive health hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Over the Christmas, Ruby was hospitalised for a week due to a condition called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). This disease is typically characterised by some clinical signs such as sudden vomiting and/or bloody diarrhea, which can become life-threatening if left untreated. Natalie believes that it could have been brought on due to stress caused by Ruby’s environment over Christmas, though the exact cause still remains unclear. During the Christmas break, Ruby also was not having her consistent Lyka diet as she normally had.

The diet that Ruby can always rely on

The one thing that gave me peace when she came out of the hospital was her food [Lyka],” says Natalie, “I knew I could rely on it [for Ruby] not to suffer another episode again.” What makes her Natalie even happier is the fact that Ruby does not have any awful trouble with her tummy anymore. Ruby’s stool has also improved since her transition onto Lyka. The taste factor is also a huge plus.“[Ruby] just loves it,” says Natalie, “Being a fussy dog, it’s so easy to feed her on it.”

Lyka, your natural choice for pupper’s optimal gut health

Lyka redefines pet food by producing a 100% whole foods, minimally processed diet. Lyka meals are the perfect bowls of lightly cooked food that is gentle on your dog’s sensitive tummy but still tastes amazing (.. that’s what we hear anyway!).

A healthy gut is essential for your pupper to live it’s best life. Ready to improve your dog’s digestive health? Get your Starter Box and know you are doing the best for their gut.