Lyka Story: Natural foods for dogs improves Django’s behaviour

Sometimes all it takes for pupper to have that extra bounce to their step is through a happier and healthier tummy. Django’s fur papa, Ian, founder of Bondi Behavourist, found that a diet that provides natural foods for dogs was exactly what Django needed. From a life of neglect to a life full of energy and an even happier tummy, Django is on a quicker and better way to living a healthier and happier life that he truly deserves.

Meet Ian and his handsome pupper, Django

Django is an 8 year old Maltese-cross who takes everything in his stride. Ian adopted Django from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. “When I first brought him home he was a little more jumpy and skittish but even back then he was remarkably relaxed.” said Ian. With a friendly face and everywhere he went, Django would fit in like he’s done it his whole life. He was always known to be relaxed and easy-going.

Before Ian adopted Django, Django was so unhealthy from neglect and had flea bites everywhere. He was almost unrecognisable as Ian thought he was a wiry terrier mix. But this made no difference to Ian or to his relationship with Django. “I couldn’t love him any more and he gets treated the same by me no matter what he looks like.” said Ian.

8 year old Maltese-cross, Django
Taken by Peter Sharp from Tame & Wild Studio

A natural foods diet to improve Django’s behaviour

From being the skinny, flea-bitten, balding dog with a bad liver and kidneys, to being the energetic and enthusiastic pupper, Django had come a long way. People were beginning to notice how fast Django was getting better because of a change to his diet.

“But then when I changed to Lyka things went to another level. Within three days his energy levels went up, and they have stayed there since. Not in a hyper active way but in an enthusiastic way. “

Django’s fur papa, Ian

Django is still coming out of his shell but since moving to Lyka, Ian found Django to be more trainable since he is more food motivated. It gave Ian the opportunity to engage, communicate more and strengthen their relationship even further. “I believe that Lyka is helping him be the healthiest and happiest version of himself.” Ian shared.

Since Django has been on Lyka, Ian was seeing Django’s energy levels and willingness to engage with people increase so much. “I hadn’t seen him play or run until he had been on it for around a month. So I really believe that Lyka has had a huge part to play in his behaviour…” Ian said.

8 year old Maltese-cross, Django
Taken by Peter Sharp at Tame & Wild Studio

Here for all fur parents and puppers, now and always

Apart from natural foods for dogs, what drew Ian to Lyka was the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of it being delivered to his home. He was drawn to the idea that the food is meant for consumption rather than shelf life, but once he looked into Lyka more, Ian was really surprised. “I found that it worked out cheaper than what I was currently feeding him, not by much ($0.10 a day) but still cheaper none the less, that was a real shock to be honest, I thought it was going to cost me a lot more than it does.” said Ian.

Since starting Bondi Behaviourist, Ian has also launched the Healthy Dog Pod podcast. Ian believes that the choices we make for our puppers can make a huge impact on their lives. That includes natural foods for dogs that positively bring out the best in puppers.

Lyka bringing out the best behaviours in puppers

Here we are all about helping puppers live their best life and one way is through a happy and healthy tummy. Want to find out how you can bring out the best in pupper’s life? Head on over to our website to find out more about our meals and bowls at