Lyka Story: How fresh food helped keep Annalie’s head tremors at bay

boxer dog

When Sarah’s boxer Annalie began to face health issues, she started home cooking her meals for her, which offered improvements in her health, even though it was time consuming. However, when Sarah needed to head overseas, she knew she couldn’t ask her friends to cook Annalie’s meals, and fortunately she came across Lyka on Instagram. When caught in Peru during the coronavirus lockdown, Sarah never had to worry about Annalie’s nutrition thanks to Lyka, which gave her one less thing to worry about. Even after returning home, Sarah has never looked back.

Meet Sarah and her bouncy boxer, Annalie

Sarah bought her lovely boxer Annalie from a breeder in Charlton, QLD. Her name was originally Anna, after the character in Frozen, but Sarah added the ‘-lie’ to the end to make name recognition easier, as well as adding a new meaning: “Annalie means freedom!” She also has an adorable nickname: Chops, short for ‘Cheeky Chops’.

Annalie is known for her cheeky behaviour, and loves learning and showing off new tricks – she can roll over, fist bump, perform a trust fall, and even open a sliding door by herself!

Sarah describes her dog as “too smart for her own good”:

“She’s ball obsessed, and a bit of an addict – when you’re on the phone she sometimes treats this as a cue to get the ball ready and demands you throw it for her, whether you’re inside or outside. She’s a Leo, so she’s very persistent: everything’s always about her!”

Annalie’s fur mama, Sarah

Annalie’s health woes: her start on a fresh diet

While on a dry food diet, Annalie started to develop head tremors, and was gaining weight rapidly even though she was always hungry. Sarah changed her onto a different dry food, but her head tremors got more severe, and Annalie was still hungry.

Around 3 years ago, Sarah started cooking all of her pup’s meals from scratch, preparing chicken, rice and vegetables for Annalie. Even though this was time consuming, Sarah continued because Annalie’s tremors finally stopped. Sarah also added on supplements such as kelp to boost the nutritional value of her home-cooked food.

Getting fresh food delivered: trying Lyka

When Sarah was embarking on her travels through Europe and South America, she asked some friends to take care of Annalie, but knew that it was too much to ask for them to home-cook her meals too. Still wanting to give her pup the benefits of freshly cooked meals, Sarah decided to try Lyka, and Annalie was able to transition with no issues:

“The recipes really resonated with me, and I loved the use of ingredients such as slippery elm. Her coat is still very shiny, and the portion control really helped with keeping Annalie’s weight down at her ideal size.”

Annalie’s fur mama, Sarah

When the coronavirus lockdown began, Sarah was in Peru, and was stuck there for 3 weeks.

“It really helped that Lyka was available to contact over Facebook, as I had really poor internet connection in Peru and needed to change the delivery address.”

Annalie’s fur mama, Sarah

After finally being able to return to Australia, Sarah had to quarantine in Melbourne for another 2 weeks, but she never had to worry about Annalie running out of fresh food.

Sarah still feeds her pup Lyka instead of preparing her meals herself, as it saves her all those hours of cooking and ensures that Annalie gets vet-designed nutrition to keep her looking and feeling her best.

Lyka: getting your pup the nutrition they need

Our recipes are designed by our in-house vet, Dr Matthew Muir, to ensure that they are complete and balanced for all dogs. We design our portions based on each dog’s weight and activity level, and our customer service team is always available to offer a helping hand, wherever you might be. Head to to read more about the fresh ingredients that go into our pouches, and order your Starter Box today.