Lyka Story: How fresh food helped Buddy ditch the itch

fresh food for staffy skin itch

Is there anything worse than having an itch that you just can’t, well…itch? For poor Buddy, this was normal and a part of his daily life.  

Enter Lyka.  

Moving onto an all-natural, fresh food diet has completely changed Buddy’s life. Buddy has now ditched the itch and is enjoying his days chasing seagulls and lapping up the cuddles from his fur mama, Ana. And honestly, we couldn’t think of a better story to end the year on. So much so, that we decided to pay Buddy a visit. That’s right, Angelina and Tim from Team Lyka donned their best Elf and Santa Claus costumes and popped by Buddy’s place to deliver his box in person and spread some Christmas cheer. Not sure if it was Angelina and Tim or his fresh box of pouches that Buddy was most excited to see, but regardless, Buddy loved his surprise visitors and the fact that he had made it onto Santa’s Nice List!  

Meet Buddy, the lovable staffy

Ana had been wanting a furry companion for quite some time, and finally on December 9 2019, she ventured to Blacktown Animal Holding Facility in Sydney, and laid eyes on Buddy for the first time. The connection was instant. Buddy was going to his forever home. After being given away by his previous owners who no longer had the ability to care for him, Ana was excited to be able to give all her love to her new furry family member.  

As Ana discovered, adopting a rescue pup is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you can have. Buddy was shy and unsure, but slowly he came out of his shell, with more of his personality shining through each day.  

“Buddy can’t resist a spot of people watching. He’ll sit for hours at the gate watching the world go by. He also loves doing zoomies around the house – you never know when they’ll happen, but these are the heartwarming moments that show me that I’m doing the right thing and Buddy is truly living his best life.” 

Buddy’s fur mama, Ana 

fresh food for staffy skin itch

Buddy is quite the character and is still mastering the challenging art of fetch. He also loves to play hard to get, shying away the moment Ana pulls her phone out to take a photo. Buddy clearly knows that he’ll get treats to lure him in for that all-important money shot – cheeky little guy!

“There have been so many hilarious moments with Buddy, but not long after getting him, we went to Merimbula for a holiday and Buddy discovered his love of chasing seagulls. Yes, seagulls. He accidentally got off his lead one day, and he ran directly to the park to chase them, it was the funniest thing!” 

Buddy’s fur mama, Ana

Natural diet saving the day!

Whilst Buddy was living his best life and loving spending time with his new family, he was suffering with a skin itch.  

“He had nasty scratches around his eyes, around his legs and all over his stomach. When we first brought him home, he was eating kibble and I noticed that the itching was most severe after mealtimes.” 

Buddy’s fur mama, Ana 

Ana decided to try homemade food. Unfortunately, his condition worsened, with Ana not knowing that Buddy was in fact, allergic to wheat, flour and yeast. After searching the Internet for answers, Ana found Lyka and it was exactly what Buddy needed.  

“Within weeks of starting on Lyka, Buddy’s itching had dramatically improved. Buddy has now been on Lyka for nearly two months, and he has completely stopped itching. His coat is smooth and soft, and so glossy!” 

Buddy’s fur mama, Ana 

fresh food for staffy skin itch

Ana has even noticed an incredible change in his temperament now that the itching has subsided. 

“Buddy wasn’t particularly sociable with other dogs when we first brought him home, but now he’s a regular at doggy daycare and he’s honestly the happiest dog there. It’s just the best!”  

Buddy’s fur mama, Ana 

Lyka: Great for healthy, nourished skin

Lyka is minimally processed and contains high levels of antioxidant-rich, bioactive ingredients that help to improve overall wellbeing. Our recipes are free from inflammatory starches and are packed with unoxidised Omega 3 fats that help to promote a glowing coat and hydrated skin.  

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