Lyka story: Fresh Lyka diet has helped improve Donnie’s skin conditions

Imagine if your pup was sick, and even your vet wasn’t able to help! What would you do? This is exactly what happened with Eryn and her dog, Donnie. Read on to see how a Lyka diet transformed Donnie’s life.

Meet Eryn and her Kelpie, Donnie

Eryn’s dog, Donnie, had suffered from a persistent skin condition that made him lose fur clumps at a time. “I realised that even medication wouldn’t help his coat”, says Eryn, who studies design in Sydney.

Donnie has been Eryn’s best furry friend for nine years. She believes Donnie has a special sixth sense that makes him unique compared to other pups. “I always have to trick him into taking baths, and every time I try, he turns around and runs into the backyard. And trust me, I’ve tried so many ways; even treats don’t work anymore”, Eryn says.

The shift to real food

One day, Eryn’s brother introduced her to Lyka and suggested she let Donnie try Lyka’s fresh food. But before making any decisions about altering Donnie’s diet, Eryn decided to conduct her own research into the company. “Knowing that it’s human-grade food and freshly made, it was something I’d definitely provide for Donnie”, Eryn says. For today’s modern dog owner, it’s imperative to know what goes into the pet food you’re buying.

Real results beyond expectations

After feeding Donnie Lyka for about one month, Eryn started to notice real changes in her dog. Not only did his skin look better, but his coat was also fuller and shinier. The improvements didn’t stop there: Eryn also noticed that Donnie’s energy levels had become far higher than they were before introducing Lyka into his diet. He seemed so much happier and more excited to go for walks and outings.

The benefit that I experienced was the content in seeing Donnie transform. I found amazing progress after [Donnie started] eating Lyka foods”, Eryn says. “This is an experience that I would’ve never expected, and I’m grateful to have this product have a life-changing benefit for Donnie”.

Lyka, the best choice for your dog’s health

Built on the premise that dogs deserve the best quality of life, Lyka is redefining Australia’s pet food industry with their one-of-a-kind wholefood subscription.

The secret to a healthy glow is a diet of fresh, nutrient-rich foods. Are you ready to improve your dog’s nutrition? Kick-start their healthy eating goals with a Starter Box now. Build a solid foundation for your dog’s health, and let worrying be a thing of the past.