Lyka Story: fresh food for Charlie the senior spoodle


As Charlie got older, he started experiencing severe stomach issues and arthritis, which had his fur papa Alex worried. After spending thousands of dollars on medicated food and seeing no improvement in his health, Alex decided to try Lyka. Now at 12 years old, the spoodle Charlie has more energy than he’s had in years, and his diarrhoea and vomiting have completely stopped.

Meet Alex and his spunky spoodle, Charlie

Alex has had Charlie since he was just 10 years old, and he’s had big personality since he was just a puppy:

“My Dad put him under the Christmas Tree (not in a box). The first few years of him being a pup he was crazy and super energetic!”

Charlie’s fur papa, Alex

Although he suffers from some anxiety, Charlie still knows when to put his foot down:

“He also is quite an anxious dog and stays up all night listening at noises and protecting his owner. He sleeps mostly during the day.

There are so many funny stories but the best one is when I take him to the vet. If you say the word “Vet” to him he will put weight on his body and intentionally not move like he is super scared. When he gets into the vet he tries to hide under seats! When I take him for walks around my local area and we go past the vet he tries to pull me away from it.”

Charlie’s fur papa, Alex

Charlie’s health challenges

Charlie’s health problems started with arthritis, which he started to develop when he was around 9 years old and required medication to manage. Then, other issues took a turn for the worst:

“Charlie went to emergency hospital about 2 years ago as he was vomiting really badly and struggling with diarrhoea. We spent over two thousand dollars on medicated diet food and all this stuff to get him better but not much changed. We found that he was super thirsty when eating it due to increased sodium.”

Charlie’s fur papa, Alex

After seeing no improvements even when spending so much on food and treatments, Alex decided to try home cooked food, which was great since Charlie is so picky. Then, he found Lyka.

Healthy, fresh food made all the difference

After starting on Lyka, Alex noticed improvements in Charlie almost immediately:

“Before Lyka he would never run around, and about 3 days after starting on Lyka he started running around like a crazy puppy again! He also was less thirsty all the time.”

Charlie’s fur papa, Alex

His stomach and joint issues have also improved, and Charlie’s now looking better than ever:

“His diarrhoea and vomiting completely stopped, and hasn’t been an issue since. Since starting Lyka, he hasn’t had his arthritis medication at all and has no issues! His coat is super shiny too!”

Charlie’s fur papa, Alex

Lyka: fresh food to keep seniors on the go

Many dogs experience health issues as they get older, so the food you give them is key. Lyka is high in anti-inflammatory omega-3s, which are great for keeping joints healthy, and the high moisture content helps keep senior dogs hydrated. To see how Lyka can help your pup, head to our website and build your Starter Box today.