Lyka Story: How a fresh diet helped Daps hit his weight loss goals

Daps the dachshund and his weight loss journey

For many dogs, unwanted weight gain can lead to many other health issues. Daps’ fur mama Shannon learnt this first-hand, when her pup developed skin issues and had a noticeable drop in energy. Thinking that a change to his diet could help, Shannon tried raw food, which presented its own challenges in making sure she could give her pup the right nutrition and it also offered very little noticeable health improvements.

After trying raw feeing, Shannon then discovered Lyka, and after transitioning Daps onto his fresh food diet, she soon noticed Daps’ increased energy levels and improved skin, all whilst also seeing him return to a healthy weight.

Meet Shannon and her adorable dachshund, Daps

Daps is an adorable dachshund who loves playtime in the park, napping, and food time. According to Shannon, Daps will do just about anything for a treat, and has always been obsessed with food.

Shannon got Daps when he was just 3 months old, and he’s now been a part of her family for almost 7 years.

Daps’ weight worries

As Daps got older, Shannon began to notice that he was slowly gaining more and more weight, and developing some other health issues too:

“ He started developing a really yeasty rash that got pretty bad, but the vets always just suggested medicated shampoo that did not help much. He also started putting on quite a lot of weight and became really lethargic and was not the spunky, active dog we once knew.”

Daps’ fur mama, Shannon
Daps the dachshund taking a nap

Not only was he gaining weight and experiencing skin issues, but Shannon noticed that Daps wasn’t able to take part in the activities that he used to love:

“He couldn’t walk as long anymore and got tired after a few play sessions, probably due to the weight gain as it made walks more tiring.”

Daps’ fur mama, Shannon

The search for a new diet to support weight loss

After seeing the weight gain continue and no improvement to the rash from the medicated creams, Shannon decided to try a new diet, hoping it could bring Daps back to his old self. First, she tried a raw food diet, and not only was there little improvement, but Shannon found it difficult to make sure she was getting Daps all the nutrients he needed.

Then, Shannon found Lyka, and after reading more about us and our fresh dog food, she decided to give it a go for her and Daps. 

Daps the dachshund and his fresh dog food diet

“I loved knowing it catered to exactly what the dog was looking for and needed. Lyka also provided a lot of information on the ingredients used which I loved. I was also shocked to find out what normal off-the-shelf pet food actually consisted of.”

Daps’ fur mama, Shannon

Shannon quickly saw a difference in Daps’ energy levels, and he was finally getting back some of his old excitement for play. His skin also improved, and he was able to return to a healthy weight again:

“Within 2 weeks I began to notice Daps energy levels were different, he was running a lot more during our walks, and wanted to play even after longer walks. I would extend his walks and he was still very active at home. After 3 months his skin started showing dramatic improvements. The rash was under control. He would itch less instead of spending half his day just scratching. Finally, we noticed how he managed to shed the excess weight and looked so much healthier.”

Daps’ fur mama, Shannon

Lyka: helping puppers stay healthy, now and always

It can be difficult to manage your pup’s weight, especially if you can’t take them out to exercise as often as you used to. At Lyka, we use our algorithm to tailor portion sizes to your dog and their activity levels, making sure you get the right amount of food for pupper. Our recipes are designed by our in-house vet Dr Matthew Muir, and are nutritionally complete and balanced so you know you are giving your pup all the nutrients they need to live a happy, healthy life. Head to our website to learn more, and begin building your very own Starter Box today.