Lyka Story: Bringing a bounce to Bowie’s step with healthy dog food

Has your pupper suddenly become a picky eater? A change to healthy dog food is what Bowie’s fur mama, Libby, needed to make sure that Bowie was receiving the right nutrients to his diet. From being a picky pupper to licking the bowl clean, Bowie is on a journey to a happier and healthier tummy!

Meet Libby and her handsome pupper, Bowie

Bowie is a fluffy Cocker Spaniel who loves a cute snuggle next to his fur mama, Libby. “He also has a habit of jumping into bed with me as soon as my husband leaves in the morning and flopping his little body down beside me for a snuggle and a beauty sleep, so cute!” said Libby. Bowie was happily introduced into Libby’s life as an early Christmas present.

There were many hints that Libby was noticing such as a dog bed and some toys. “The next thing I know, my husband walks through the door with baby Bowie, with a little blue scarf around his neck! I was absolutely speechless at the sight of this tiny little bean! I couldn’t believe that this little bundle of love was mine! Best day ever!” said Libby.

Since then, Libby brings Bowie on many adventures, in particular, the beach. “Bowie has developed selective hearing, especially when we go to the beach. He pretends he is deaf until he reaches the water and only then will he turn around with a wagging tail and look back as if to say ‘sorry, were you calling me?'” said Libby.

From a picky eater, to a lick-the-bowl-clean eater…

Bowie was initially kept on dry food that was recommended by his breeder. “Then about 4 months in he became really picky and wasn’t interested in his food anymore… Which, for Cocker Spaniels, is unheard of!” said Libby. Since having Bowie, Libby has always wanted the very best for Bowie and that also meant for him to live his best life. After some discussion with her husband and some research into healthy dog food, they decided that Lyka was a stand-out option and opted to give it a go.

“I was so happy that something existed that was literally no fuss and little time on my end, but was also inclusive of everything I would want my dog to consume without having to pay an absolute fortune and spend hours in the kitchen.”

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Bowie wolfed down his first meal and licked the bowl clean until every little piece of food was gone. Libby saw a bounce to Bowie’s step for the rest of the day and when she gave him another half of the pack, Bowie inhaled it all down. Libby found that Bowie’s energy was back to being a funny and excitable pupper. Bowie would whimper at the same time every morning and evening, knowing that he was in for the best healthy dog food that his tummy couldn’t resist.

“His poos became quick, easy and a great colour instead of straining out little pellets, and his hair grew like anything! I’ve never seen a happier boy! “

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Every single day, people ask or comment on Bowie’s coat especially on how healthy and handsome he is. “I owe it all to Lyka! His teeth are perfectly white, his eyes are clear, his skin is healthy and he literally shines.” said Libby.

“I know that Lyka is a little more expensive than store-bought food, but it’s 100% worth it to have such a happy and healthy doggie and to know that he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. “

Bowie’s fur mama, Libby

Giving puppers a bounce to their step…

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