Lyka story: Aqua & Felix thriving on homemade dog food

With so many studies published revealing the link between processed dog food and chronic diseases, many dog owners choose to feed their puppers homemade dog food. And since many of the things we eat are also pupper-friendly (the list is here!), there’s a big chance that you have all the ingredients you need for healthy, tasty dog meals just right in your kitchen. But what if you can get the homemade diets delivered? Our loyal customer, Visca, shares with us how Lyka keeps her commitment to only giving the best for her lovely Aqua and Felix, especially when she’s away for holidays.

Meet Visca and her puppers, Aqua and Felix

Visca’s journey with puppers started when she fell in love with a grumpy looking pug back in 2016. She adopted him the following year as her birthday present and named him Aqua, short for Aquarius. Aqua grew up as a healthy, adorable pupper who loves all humans and dogs he meets. 

One and a half year later, Visca fell in love the second time with a squishy face Frenchie that she adopted and named Felix. It means “lucky” as she thought she would never be able to afford another pupper. They love walking in the sunset together, the perks of living next to the golf course and having the ocean as their backyard. You can see their adorably heartwarming pictures here.

Can you spot Felix? 🙂
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The commitment to only providing the best food

Reading plenty of articles about the natural way of feeding dogs, Visca was determined to avoid any commercial dog food for Aqua, her first-ever pupper. “I don’t believe in kibble,” she says. Since his gotcha day, Aqua had homemade dog food as 95% of his food.

Visca also decided to only consume food that Aqua can eat, meaning there is no more onion, grapes, and macadamia nuts in her diet. Chocolate is her only weakness (understandably!). It’s a different kind of serotonin-boosting food. “Who can say no to chocolate when Aqua my endless love is around?” she askes.

Real food, real benefits

Visca used organic chicken, lamb, or beef, nutrient-dense vegetables like broccoli and kale, super seeds like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, healthy roots like turmeric, medicinal herbs like parsley, and beneficial oils like coconut oil for Aqua’s meals. She also made sure the ingredients used were gluten-free. Visca has always wanted Aqua to get the nutrients he needs to thrive and develop into a healthy, happy dog.

Her commitment paid off. “Aqua has been a very healthy boy. He never goes to the vet for illnesses,” says Visca. But one day, Visca’s feet were itchy for an overseas holiday, meaning she’d be away for more than a week. So, she was hoping to find ready-to-eat food for Aqua so he can stay in the boarding kennel and eat healthily.

“Lyka is the answer to my prayers”

Visca was taking Aqua to the dog daycare Centennial Bark when she encountered Lyka. She was thrilled to discover it. “Lyka is the answer to my prayers“, she says. She brought some samples home and gave it a try, with a great result: Aqua loved it! This was in early 2018 when Felix had not yet joined the family. After doing her own research about Lyka and its ingredients, she decided to subscribe to Lyka without any hesitation. “I’m so lucky to find Lyka, otherwise the kitchen is my third office!” Visca says.

Aqua (left) and Felix (right) with their Lyka boxes

The two things Visca loves the most about Lyka? “It gives me the convenience of not cooking all the time, and still offers consistent quality in each batch,” says Visca. Aside from the obvious convenience factor, she has noticed that Lyka helps keep Aqua in tip-top shape. “Lyka is one of the keys to Aqua’s excellent health. It’s just like my homemade dog food. Aqua’s trips to the vet are only and only for vaccinations,” says Visca.

“Things never happen the same way twice” – C. S. Lewis

Felix is also following Aqua’s pathway to the same goal after he was adopted, but it is not without challenges. After undertaking two surgeries in less than 6 months, his weakened immune system took the toll. Felix developed skin allergies. Visits to the vets and dermatologists have alleviated the acute phase, but they have not fully resolved his skin conditions. Visca determines to take the natural step to support his healing process using the “food to heal”‘ principle. Her trust in human-grade ingredients quality and consistency that Lyka bowls offer is still taking part in Felix’s journey to fully recover.

Meet Lyka, your number one supporter for your puppers’ best life

At Lyka, we develop vet-approved recipes that cover the nutrients your pupper needs, and tailor the serving size to ensure their portion is just right. Just click “order” and leave the rest to us. Kick start your dog’s healthy eating plan with a Starter Box, and get ready to be impressed by Lyka’s convenience and quality.