How you can go to the Vet, without going to the Vet

Home visit vet

Here at Lyka, we are all about innovation and leveraging technology to improve how we care for our dogs. So naturally, we were excited to hear about the launch of Australia’s first ever mobile vet service. Vets on Call, Australia’s “Uber for Vets”, aims to change how we access vet care for our pets. We recently talked with the CEO, Morgan Coleman, to find out all the ins and outs of Vets on Call.

How was the idea for Vets on Call born?

I thought of Vets on Call after I took my dog Milky to the vet for the first time. Through my experience, I recognised a gap in the market for a vet service that was more convenient, less stressful and 100% transparent. The Vets on Call app is the tool we use to deliver a veterinary service that meets all those requirements.

How does it work?

As a pet owner you simply download the app and set up a profile for your pet/s. Whenever you need us it’s a simple 3 step booking process to order a vet to come to you. You select the time and date you want, the pet/s it’s for and the vet you’d like. Your vet will then arrive at your home at the time you chose.

Will it be Australia wide?

Absolutely. We believe that every pet owner should have access to the value Vets on Call adds to the veterinary services industry. However, we will be starting in Melbourne and honing our service before expanding into other regions.

How do Vets on Call offer an end-to-end service to you and your pet?

We’ve created an app that facilitates and manages every aspect of your pet’s healthcare. From the convenience of home consultations through to the in the app store that stocks prescription foods, parasite prevention and treatment as well as medication shampoos and conditioners to the numerous referral clinics that assist with the things we can’t do in home. The Vets on Call infrastructure is a comprehensive service that ensures every aspect of your pet’s health is taken care of. It literally is all your pet’s needs in the palm of your hand.

Is it expensive compared to a normal vet?

No. We charge very similar prices to what you would in a clinic. We value convenience but don’t believe that pet owners should be paying a premium for it when it can be delivered for the same price. Convenient, stress-free and transparent pet care should be accessible to all pet owners, that’s a fundamental belief of our business.

Why should pet owners try Vets on Call?

Vets on Call saves you time, it saves your pet stress, which leads to more accurate diagnosis, and we’ve purposely engineered a model that is 100% transparent. From the costs you pay, the treatment we advise and the access to your pet’s records. You’ll be reducing the stress your pet experiences whilst increasing the control you have over its treatment.

Learn more about Vets on Call here.