How to take the perfect pic of your dog

dog pic

Whether it’s for their Instagram account or a cute new wallpaper for yourself, the perfect pic of your dog is a wonderful way to capture memories. Check out our top tips for taking professional-looking shots of your furry and very photogenic bestie.

Light it up

  • Though it may seem odd, overcast days actually provide ideal conditions for taking outdoor photos, as the clouds create a soft, even light. If it’s a very bright day, look for a shady spot, or opt for early morning or late afternoon shoots to take advantage of the softer light outside.
  • To enhance lighting indoors, set up near a door or window. If it’s dark, rather than using the flash, turn on some lamps for a more natural-looking light.
  • Use your smartphone’s inbuilt photo editing tools to adjust lighting and colour if you feel the original shot is too bright or too dark.

Background matters

  • A clutter-free background keeps the focus on your pup and not on the mountain of washing that awaits you.
  • A background that contrasts with your dog’s fur colour will really make the image pop.
  • Consider taking a burst of photos if your dog is on the move to give you a better chance of getting that perfect shot.
  • Pro tip: if your pup is running after a ball or chasing their furry friends, move the camera along with them to get a clear photo of your pup against a blurred background.

Strike a pose

  • For a natural photo that really captures your dog’s personality, let your dog be themselves and get shots of them doing their coolest tricks or playing in their favourite places.
  • Hold up a healthy treat or their preferred toy in the spot where you want them to look. Even better if someone else can hold up the treat for you so you can get creative and try different angles and poses.
  • For a nice portrait, crouch down to be at the same level as your dog before you get them to say ‘cheese’.
  • Pro tip: give your pup a brush to help make their coat as soft and as glossy as possible. And if you can, take them out for some exercise right before taking the photo so they’ll pant and smile for your shot like a seasoned pro.

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