How to make your home dog-friendly

dog friendly home

The time has come and you’re ready to bring your new puppy home, but before those paws hit the floor, there’s a few things that you need to do to help ensure your pup settles in and is happy and comfortable in their new abode.

Preparing your home – and furniture!

Puppies love to explore and will often do so with their teeth – not ideal when it involves your nice new couch. It’s important to be aware that fabrics including velvet and chenille, attract hair and will retain smells and stains, and can become easily scratched.

Top tip! Choose upholstery that is a similar colour to your dog, so any shedding is less obvious. Tightly woven fabrics (such as microfibre) or leather, are easier to clean and are more durable. If you’re concerned, search for dog-friendly furniture that is especially designed to be more resilient. Avoid furniture that splinters easily or has hanging threads, as these can be choking hazards.

When it comes to toilet training, there will always be an adjustment period for puppies as learn the ropes on where they can and can’t go. Carpet and rugs can be hard to keep clean, so it might be easier to restrict your pup to areas that have non-porous surfaces such as tiles or floorboards. Alternatively, opt for indoor-outdoor rugs, that have a tighter weave and are less absorbent.

A good odour neutralising spray will come in handy if (or when!) your pup urinates inside. Neutralising sprays discourage pups from going back to the same spot and repeating the behaviour.

Safety first

  • Before your pup arrives home, be sure to do a full audit and remove any hazardous items. This includes moving cleaning products and food, making sure that anything toxic or dangerous is stored as high up as possible or packed securely away in a cupboard. Dogs are very clever and can be persistent, so be sure to remove anything that could give them a paw-up such as a step or ladder.

  • Ensure your bin has a lid that seals properly. A tall bin or one stored in a cupboard is ideal. Aside from the mess, food scraps and chemicals can be dangerous. Dogs love to explore, and as much as bins aren’t appealing to us, they can be very appealing to your pup, so keep this in mind when tossing things out.

  • With areas that you do not want your pup to enter, use child locks or baby gates, at least until your dog is trained and knows not to access those spaces.

  • Always keep small or breakable objects out of your pup’s reach.

  • Check your home for gaps behind appliances such as washing machines and television sets, and block them off. Even if it looks like a space they wouldn’t fit, block it off anyway. Puppies love to explore and may attempt to enter and become trapped.

  • Keep loose wires packed away or safely secured to avoid chewing.

A few other things to keep in mind…

  • Keep the toilet lid closed at all times so that your new pup doesn’t drink out of it, or attempt to climb in.

  • You may also want to keep shoes and laundry packed away. Offering your pup plenty of safe toys will keep them engaged and less likely to chow down on your favourite pair of shoes.

  • Many common plants and flowers are toxic to dogs, so be sure to do your research and keep your pup out of your garden or away from your houseplant gang if you aren’t sure.
dog friendly home

Safety measures are important, but so is training, so always use positive reinforcement to make sure your dog is aware of the way that they should behave and aware of where they can and can’t go, do and don’t do within your home.

If you have a small dog, senior dog or a dog with joint issues, you may want to invest in some small steps to help them get up onto the couch or the bed – provided they are allowed on there, of course!

Create a safe and inviting space for your dog

When it comes to creating a safe space for your pup, we advise investing in quality bedding, blankets and toys. By creating an area in your home that is just for your new addition, it will help them relax and settle in and encourage them to do the right thing.

Mealtime is bound to be one of your pup’s favourite times of day, so to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, implement a routine. Always feed them in the same place and at around the same time each day. Always have fresh water available and use a rubber mat under their food and water bowls for easy clean-ups.

Bringing a puppy home is such an exciting moment, and preparation is key to making their arrival and transition into your home fun and stress-free – good luck!

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