How fresh dog food helped Millie ditch the bad breath

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A rescue pup with a heart of gold, Millie is now thriving on a fresh food diet, having been raised on a very limited diet. Her bad breath has gone, she sleeps more soundly, is less anxious and has one of the shiniest coats in town.

Discover how Lyka’s complete and balanced meals got Millie’s tail wagging again!

dog fresh food diet

Say hello to Millie

Rescued by Melissa, her husband Andrew and their three boys when she was just two years old, Millie was adopted into their family when her elderly owner was no longer able to look after her.

Very quiet and timid, Millie had lived most of her life indoors. But after moving in with her new family, who spent most of their time outdoors, either at the beach, the park or whatever sporting event was happening that weekend, she found herself out and about and living a very active lifestyle for the first time in her life – and she loved it!

“We are a really active family and we weren’t quite sure how she would go, but she coped with the transition really well and was so happy to be wherever we were.”

– Millie’s fur mama, Melissa

Always happy, you can spot Millie by her constantly wagging tail – although, she’s still a little unsure about her feline sibling.

“Three years on, Millie is still trying to work out if she likes the cat as much as the cat seems to like her!”

– Millie’s fur mama, Melissa

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From a fussy eater to a happy little chomper

For the first two years of Millie’s life, she was fed a very simple diet, which made her very selective about what she would eat when she moved in with her new forever family.

“Since changing her diet exclusively to Lyka, Millie has been thriving. The consistency of the portion sizes and the taste has made mealtimes far less stressful for Millie – and for us, as we know she is eating and getting all the nutrients she needs.”

– Millie’s fur mama, Melissa

dog fresh food diet

Saying goodbye to bad breath, all thanks to Lyka!

Since starting on Lyka, Melissa has seen firsthand the benefits that a consistent fresh food diet can have on her pupper.

“There have been many positive changes to Millie’s wellbeing since making the switch to Lyka. The most noticeable is that her bad breath has completely disappeared! Her coat is much shinier and less prone to matting. She also seems less anxious and sleeps so much better. Plus, the ease, consistency and convenience of knowing what she is going to eat every day is money well spent.”

– Millie’s fur mama, Melissa

dog fresh food beach

Lyka: Fresh, human-grade ingredients for great overall health

Bursting with fresh, whole food, human-grade ingredients, each signature recipe has been overseen by our co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir to ensure that your pup is chowing down on all the essentials for optimal health. From your pup’s breath to their coat, digestion, muscles, brain and overall general wellbeing, each powerhouse ingredient plays a role in keeping your pup fighting fit. Are you ready to be like Melissa and Millie and make the switch to fresh today?