How a fresh and balanced diet helped heal Lola’s skin

dog skin fresh food diet

Raised in a family of dog lovers, 11-year-old Lola was chosen by Sandy’s daughter, and the best decision they ever made. But, poor Lola began suffering from skin issues that just wouldn’t go away no matter what her fur family did to help.

Read on to find out how fresh food and a complete and balanced diet helped heal Lola’s painful skin.

Meet Lola

Lola has a very dry personality and her family find it hilarious that her expression never changes, no matter what she’s doing. But like any doting mother, her fur mama, Sandy, can read all her moods.

“Lola’s excited face is exactly the same as her sad face, and she is the best kisser I’ve ever had!”
– Lola’s fur mama, Sandy

fresh food diet dog skin

Fabulously sassy, Lola is very particular when it comes to how she likes things arranged around the home.

“Lola has a rug on the lounge and will demand you move it one inch before she’s satisfied. Oh, and don’t sit in her spot. You will die from her death stare!”
– Lola’s fur mama, Sandy

Red, raw & painful skin

For a long time, Lola suffered from nasty skin rashes and painful red welts. They were all over her body, made her incredibly anxious and caused so much distress that her fur mama, Sandy, even had to buy baby socks to put on her paws to try and stop Lola from chewing and biting them. It was awful to witness. Sandy then spent a fortune trying different types of food, even resorting to home cooking fresh meat and rice for Lola, but nothing changed.

Until she found Lyka.

A new lease on life thanks to Lyka

“Lola’s painful rashes stopped immediately after starting on Lyka and haven’t returned. She no longer bites her paws until they bleed and she’s so much happier!”
Lola’s fur mama, Sandy

Natural, minimally processed and filled with ingredients that Sandy could actually see, it was exactly what she had been looking for to feed Lola. The balanced mix of protein, veggies, superfoods and essential fatty acids helped heal her skin and have given Lola her life back. Her skin is no longer itchy and painful, the red rashes and welts are gone, and she actually enjoys mealtime. Lyka has given her the chance to really enjoy her golden senior years!

“Lola doesn‘t normally show excitement for anything, but she now gets so excited for mealtime and eats all her food – she LOVES her Lyka treats! I’ve even noticed that the movement in her hips has improved, as prior to eating Lyka, she would often limp in discomfort.”
Lola’s fur mama, Sandy

fresh food diet dog skin

Treat your pup & their skin!

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