A guide to transitioning your dog onto new food

Transitioining your dog onto new food should be a slow process

Starting your dog on new food is an exciting time for both owner and pup! It’s important to take the right precautions and approach in order to ensure a smooth transition. Upset bellies are not fun for anyone.

Our transition guide recommends moving your dog onto their new food over a course of a week. Began transition week with mostly their original food, adding a quarter of their new food. In a few days, work this up to a half-half ratio, and in a few more days to three-quarters of their new food. Then you can stop adding their old food all-together.

You can, of course, adjust this timing based on how your dog is responding to the change in their diet. If their poops are runny or loose compared to normal, stay at the same phase for a few more days. If their new food is similar to their old diet, you may be able to cut the transition to a few days.


Transition your dog onto new food in a week

Happy munching pooches!