Dog walking in Jells Park – pupper’s dream place to be

If you’re looking for a scenic and light trail east of Melbourne— dog walking in Jells Park could be your’s and pupper’s next destination. With lots of scenic views, open parkland, and a convenient loop to eliminate the hassle of creating your own path, Jells Park is ideal for the casual dog walker.

The Jells Park walking path loops around Jells Lake, otherwise known as Wildlife Lake, which lives up to its name as there are many animals in and around the lake. (This park is a birdwatcher’s dream come true!) A few little park-keeping rules: If pupper has a tendency to chase birds or other small animals, keep pupper on a lead!

Puppers must be on a lead at all times. Puppers are permitted throughout the entire park EXCEPT in the conservation areas. Please also keep in mind that you and pupper will likely see many walkers and bicycles on these paths, so stay alert!

What to expect in Jells Park

  • A visitor’s center
  • Bathrooms
  • Two water fountains
  • Picnic areas
  • BBQ areas
  • Playground
  • Mobile phone service
  • Free parking with multiple parking areas

Jells Park is open daily, including public holidays and closes at dusk. The vehicle entry gate opens at 8am (with a 24-hour vehicle exit), but you and pupper can access the park 24/7, that way you and pupper get to spend dog walking quality time together through Jells Park. The Visitor’s centre features Madelines at Jells café, restaurant, kiosk, bathroom facilities, and park information. You can purchase meals and light snacks here daily from 9am onwards.

The conservation areas on this map do not permit dogs, but don’t worry—it’s all gated, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally entering the area with pupper!
Source: Parks Victoria

You and pupper won’t be able to walk the circumference of the lake, but can walk along the Dandenong Creek Trail for a chance to see the northernmost part of the scenic lake area.

From the west entrance on Jells Rd., you can park your car near the Pines Picnic Area. We recommend entering and exiting here because it’s very close to a bathroom and BBQ area for you and pupper to prepare for the journey ahead.

Shall we go walkies?

  1. Head east on the walking trail. Follow this for around 600 metres where you and pupper will then meet the Dandenong Creek Trail.
  2. Take the Dandenong Creek Trail north. You and pupper will be walking on this for close to 600 metres, where you’ll encounter a couple of picnic areas along the way!
  3. Head directly west—it’s another 600 metres or so back to the Pines Picnic Area.
  4. If you’d like, you can head farther north toward the East Entrance at Waverly Rd., and you’ll be able to walk with pupper alongside the Conservation Area.

Walk details

Address: 32 Jells Rd, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150

Walk length: 4.16km

Walk time: Just over one hour

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Paved and gravel

There you have it—a dog walking trail that is both easy and beautiful, and extremely accommodating for fur parents like yourself! Will Jells Park earn a permanent spot in pupper’s dog walking rotation list?

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