Dog-friendly Toohey Forest Park walk

It might not feel like there are many places in Brisbane to take your pupper, but there are plenty of hidden pockets of wildlife within the city that are dog-friendly. Today we’ll guide you through a dog-friendly Toohey Forest Park walk that’s perfect for humans and pups alike. It shares some land with Griffith University, who’s known for taking great care of their properties. It shows!

Getting to and staying at Toohey Forest Park

Park location: Approximately 10 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD

Park size: 260 hectares (wow, that’s big!)

One of the most convenient things about this park is actually getting there—there’s plenty of parking. A physical map is available from Brisbane City Council if you’d like to plan your trip well in advance.

There is a picnic area at the park, so pack accordingly! But, it is typically much cooler here than in other areas of the city, so be prepared.

Things to be aware of during your walk at Toohey Forest Park

Because of all the wildlife in the park, your dog must be leashed at all times. Your pup may desperately want to befriend a few wallabies, but it’s important to protect him for his own safety and the safety of everyone at the park.

These trails are friendly for everybody—which includes mountain bikers. If your dog isn’t fond of bikes, this may not be a positive experience.

Only follow marked trails. You can see a map of marked trails at the entrance and throughout the park, but there is also a fair share of self-paved trails for the more adventurous folk. To avoid getting lost, just stick to the path!

Dog-friendly walking trail in Toohey Forest Park

One of the greatest things about this park is you can create your own route! Many trails and tracks cross and loop, allowing you to put together a custom adventure every time you visit. 

This time, you can try the Nathan Ridge Track that starts at the Griffith Uni’s Ring Road. For parking options around the area, you can check casual daily parking zones at Nathan campus area. It’s $2/hour capped at $6 a day.

Following this track, at certain points, you’ll be met with many different trail options. We advise to choose one and stick to it, unless you’ve prepared your anticipated route and travel distance beforehand. It can all add up quickly!

Going for a picnic or planning on taking a quick break during your walk? We recommend the Toohey and Planchoniana/Nathan Ridge Track.

Although one of the busiest routes you can take, Toohey and Planchoniana/Nathan Ridge track makes a nice-sized loop, around 5km, and is ideal for all skill levels. 

Along the Toohey Ridge Track, just under 2km northwest of your starting point, you’ll find the Toohey Picnic Area, where you can take a rest and have a quick lunch with your pup. You can even use an electric BBQ here!

If you take the smaller loop, your walk is a moderate 3km. Here’s a map of the smaller loop:

If your pup isn’t too restless, take a bit to rest and enjoy the views! There’s a lot to take in here, including many bird-watching and wildlife opportunities. You may find koalas too if you’re lucky!

So, there you have it: A very brief overview of a couple of dog-friendly walking trails in Toohey Forest Park. But aside from the two trails we’ve mentioned, there are many, many more. Just remember to keep your pup leashed and be on the lookout for (friendly) wildlife. Happy walking!

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