Cauliflower: the vitamin-rich veggie your dog should be eating

dog cauliflower

Cauliflower might look pale and reserved against its more colourful veggie neighbours but wow, it packs a punch when it comes to nutrition! So what’s within the humble cauliflower, and how can it play a role in your pupper’s health? 

Here are Cauli’s Big 5:

dog cauliflower
  1. Anti-cancer: Research in recent years has pointed to diet as an important way to prevent cancer in humans, and we believe puppers can get the same benefits through their food too. Cruciferous vegetables, a group which includes cauliflower, kale and broccoli, contain chemical components such as sulforaphane which some promising studies show can regulate the genes that cause the spread and growth of cancers in humans.
  2. Folic Acid:  Cauliflower contains folic acid, a small but vital ingredient that’s needed for our dogs’ bodies to grow and develop – and they need it for energy too. Folic acid plays a part in pretty much every process in your pup’s body – right down to DNA synthesis and red blood cell production. Because folic acid is involved in growth, it’s particularly important for growing puppies and pregnancy. 
  3. Vitamin B6: One of the most vital of vitamins, the B6 in cauliflower supports healthy functioning of the nervous system, it helps regulate hormones and promotes a healthy immune system – just what your pupper needs to stay alert, active and healthy. Vitamin B6 also helps maintain a correct potassium-sodium balance in dogs which helps regulate water in their bodies – which is vital for their health.
  4. Vitamin K: Only required in very small quantities, this fat-soluble vitamin found in cauliflower is instrumental in activating your dog’s blood to clot. Our puppers are bound to experience a cut or scrape at some point in their lives and so the ability of their blood to clot is super important.
  5. Vitamin C: Dogs can synthesise Vitamin C on their own and it plays an important antioxidant role in the body. It helps to scavenge potentially harmful free radicals and can help reduce inflammation and cognitive ageing. A diet containing cauliflower helps keep your pupper’s Vitamin C levels topped up. 

Caulifower and Lyka

dog cauliflower

Cauliflower is among the many fresh vegetables we use in our recipes here at Lyka to create healthy nutrition for dogs.  You’ll find cauliflower in our delicious Grass-Fed Lamb Bowl. Like all Lyka meals, it’s specially prepared to help your pupper live their best life – full of health, vitality and happiness.  Lyka fresh food – Made with ❤️