Does your dog have bad breath?

bad dog breath

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The three main causes of bad breath in dogs are dental, gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases. Dental disease, especially periodontitis, is the most common.

What to do if your pup has bad breath?

If your dog already has bad breath, there could be quite significant periodontal disease, so I’d recommend seeing your vet. Don’t delay, as dental disease is linked to heart, liver and kidney conditions. Prevention is key for dental disease. 

There are some things that I definitely recommend:

1. Brushing your pet’s teeth 
2. A complete and balanced, low carbohydrate diet 
3. Appropriately sized chewing aides 

A little fun and TLC

Putting some time into dental care can avoid severe pain, whole-body infection and surgical dental extractions. And it can actually be fun.

Bad dog breath: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cause of your pup’s bad breath?

There are three main causes of bad breath, including dental, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Other reasons can include gastric issues such as burping or excessive swallowing, or respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing or nasal discharge.

How to help improve your pup’s breath?

The easiest way to prevent and improve your dog’s breath is to brush their teeth on a regular basis, with toothpaste specially formulated for canines. Like humans, their teeth and gums need regular care and maintenance to promote oral hygiene and avoid diseases, as well as unwanted odour.  

If you have a puppy, we advise starting the process of their brushing their teeth as early as possible, so that they get used to the feeling. For adult pups, just take it nice and slow, and reward them for patience and good behaviour.  

If your dog’s teeth are healthy and you’re brushing them regularly yet they still have bad breath, we advise speaking to your vet about other signs of illness or disease.  

We also advise taking your pup for annual dental check-ups where they will have their chompers cleaned and examined for any issues.