Brushing up on dental health for your dog

Dental health is crucial for a happy and healthy pupper, especially if they want to chew up your favourite left shoe or chow down on their favourite Lyka meal! A dental homecare plan, regular checks with your vet and an appropriate diet are the keys to good dental health for your dog.

Kibble and dental health

It is a common misconception that dry food prevents dental disease by scraping plaque from a pupper’s teeth. There is no strong research providing evidence in favour of dry food or wet food for dental health in dogs. Studies are conflicted with some claiming diet does and doesn’t make a difference. There is evidence that supports the theory that high carbohydrate diets can encourage teeth cavities and other dental issues. Kibble diets are generally high in carbohydrates (sugar) so this is worth keeping in mind.

How can I keep my pupper’s teeth healthy?

Just like humans, puppers will benefit from having their teeth brushed daily. It is an effective way to put a stop to the accumulation of dental plaque and will help prevent dog breath!  Brushing their teeth regularly is also the best way to avoid gingivitis. Gum disease can lead to other health problems as the bacteria goes into your dog’s bloodstream and will eventually affect vital organs.

As we know dogs love to chew. Dental treats and raw bones have been shown to reduce calculus by nearly 57% as they help to scrape it off the surface of their teeth. Including bones and chews in your pupper’s diet will help to maintain good oral health.

Staying up to date with your vet checks will also ensure your dog’s teeth and gums are in good shape. Your vet will be able to assess the state of your pupper’s oral health and make specific recommendations such as professional cleaning.

How your pupper’s diet can help

A complete and balanced diet is an important addition to pupper’s home dental plan. Lyka’s recipes are formulated to have a low-GI carbohydrate load that won’t produce excess sugar and plaque build-up. Lyka’s recipes are made with whole food and superfood ingredients, and they are higher in protein than other more processed alternatives. Importantly our meals have the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus which allows for additional bones to keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy.