Australia’s most #lykable dog 2019

To our valued Lyka community, the day is finally here! We are super excited to announce the final winners of the first ever Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog campaign.

The good news: Adoptable pups found their forever homes

The competition was tough – with over 500 of you taking the time to enter your pups and tell us what you find most #Lykable about them! We had some beautiful entries including a dog Mum who said her dog healed her depression, and two adoptable dogs who found homes throughout the competition, Eddie and Layla.

Pam Whitwell from SeqK9 rescue centre who had a special relationship with Eddie, said of his adoption: “Eddie came into seqk9 rescue from Maryborough pound. He received some amazing training whilst in care and to see him adopted to a lovely family is a joy all foster carers know well. We wish Eddie all the best and hope that all rescue dogs get a second chance.

The challenging process of finding the one

To reach the top 25, it came down to the number of votes you rallied in for your fur-babies, and oh my goodness the competition was tough! In the end, the page had over 45,000 views of the competition page, of busy voters and entrants tracking their progress.

And from the top 25 finalists, three of us have undergone the hard task of choosing Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog, and four the runners ups. Agnes Beugnon, Editor of Australian Dog Lover, Owen George Editor of GC Mag and myself considered the image in the entry and the creativity of the post.

We chose the four runner-ups to be Miles (@stephdukic) for his effort in getting his Mum to make such a great entry, Jack (@gehrkeshelley) for being such a good boy and posing for his Mum and Noodles (@noodlesthedachsie) for bringing much love and joy to his family. These 3 runner-ups are entitled to 1 month (28 days) complimentary Lyka Pet Food with personalised daily serving size. The fourth runner up is the ever curious looking Rosco (@roscotheratbag), to be awarded a leash and collar from Handmade AdoraBarcelona.

Congratulations to all the runners up!

For one lucky pupper, we couldn’t go past awarding her for managing to get so many votes. For being “Australia’s Most Popular Dog”, we have created a special bonus prize, awarded to Meisha (@barnsie333) who will receive 5kg of Lyka Pet Food and a special trophy for her mantle with her title on it to be proud of for years to come!

Meisha is awarded as Australia’s most popular dog 2019!

Meet our winner this year, Sean

Finally, we are very pleased to announce Sean (@seanthetibbypug) as Australia’s Most #Lykable Dog 2019 because of his unmissable smile that lights up the room and for purposefully bringing so much joy to those around him.

As the winner, Sean will receive 12-month complimentary Lyka Pet Food and an Integrative Veterinary Holistic Health Review by All Natural Vet Care, the first dedicated veterinary practice in Sydney to offer Integrative Veterinary Medicine. The prize would include 1-hour holistic consultation, a comprehensive written care plan, and 45-minute follow-up consultation.

Sean is our most #Lykable dog in Australia this year!

We want to share a big congratulations to every entrant and proud paw-rent, and are so blessed to be able to hear what joy and love your pet pooches bring to your lives. At Lyka, we believe that our pets bring so much joy, love, health and well-being benefits – and we exist to bring those same health benefits to your pets in return – because a creature who is part of your family deserves to be fed like a member of your family – on real, high quality, human grade pet food you can trust.

To hear more about how Lyka help ensure your pets only receive the best, check out

Wishing you and your pet all the very best,

Anna Podolsky
Founder and CEO
Lyka Pet Food