5 ways to mix up your dog’s exercise routine

Five ways to mix up your dog's exercise routine

Are you stuck in the same dog walking routine and looking for ways to get out of your rut? Here are 5 ideas on how you can mix things up in your dog exercise routine:


1-Hiking with your Dog

Going for a hike is a great way to disconnect and get in touch with nature. Here in Australia, we’re lucky to have so many beautiful parks at our doorstep, but unfortunately, national parks prohibit dogs. Don’t let this deter you – there are still plenty of expansive parks with walkways and hiking trails that allow dogs. Here are the lists of dog-friendly parks in NSW, VIC and QLD.


2-Beach trips and water sports

Going to the beach is a perfect active-day-out for yourself and your dog. Other than going for walks and swims, you can also give some dog-friendly water sports a go. Kayaking & Standup Paddle Boarding are great activities for your core and balance, and getting your dog on the board with you will add to the challenge. If you don’t have a board of your own, many rentals allow your dog to go with you too!

Cycling with your dog



Cycling is becoming a popular sport here in Australia and there’s no reason why doggo should miss out on the biking. If you have a big (and fast) dog, running them alongside you is a great way to stretch their legs out and burn that extra energy. If you have a smaller or older dog, there are a multitude of different carriers available that you can either install onto your bike or attach to tow behind.


4-Tug of War

Tug of war is fantastic mental stimulation and exercise for your dog AND great strengthening exercise for you. You’ll be surprised just how strong your dog is and how much of a workout you can get from playing with them! You can do this anywhere- in the house, in the backyard or out in the park.


5-Dog Yoga aka Doga

Doga, yoga with your dog, is a huge trend around the world which has also landed in Australia. You can stretch, relax and meditate alongside with your dog, and both of you will get the benefits. Lookout for studios that offer doga classes – there are a handful around Australia.