5 reasons why pupper is your perfect partner in crime

Your pupper is much more than your BFF—He is your partner in crime.

Don’t believe us? Try this mental exercise: Imagine yourself on a perfect vacation with a few of your girlfriends. Now imagine that same experience, but with your dog by your side. Much better, right?

Anyone with a pup of their own knows that dog ownership is the single greatest thing to ever happen to humans, but partnership is even better. There are thousands of reasons, and probably even more, but here are just 5 reasons why your pupper is your ideal partner in crime.

1. You lift each other up

You’re on your way home from work after a terrible afternoon. You spilled soup on your dress at lunch, and immediately after, there was a huge misunderstanding with your boss (turns out the missed deadline was his fault after all!). You’re glad that the day’s over, but emotionally drained. All you want to do is sulk on the couch.

And then you open your front door to your pup’s giant eyes and wagging tail—as if he’s been in that same spot waiting for you this whole time. He can tell you’ve had a rough day and gives you a bunch more kisses than usual.

You forget about your less-than-stellar afternoon. Your pupper will always be there when it feels like nobody else is. Just like you let him have his zoomies around the apartment on a day that’s too rainy to go to the park, he’ll bring you up whenever you feel down.

2. Dogs have literally nothing to worry about

Dogs should be an inspiration to us all. They don’t know what it feels like to worry about taxes, car maintenance, or debt. If your pup is fed a proper diet, getting the right type of exercise, and of course, getting lots of attention, he will be happy. 

Your dog doesn’t spend time worrying about something he has no control over, so why should you?

Since your dog has nothing to worry about, maybe they’ve taught you to stress just a little bit less.

3. Just like you, they could always go for a snack

No need to feel bad about sneaking a couple extra snacks in your day with your pupper by your side. You treat him to healthy, wholesome snacks, so why not do the same for yourself?

And no matter how recently he ate, he will be glued to your seat every time you eat, even if it’s something he know she doesn’t like. Now that’s dedication. 

4. Your pup is up for whatever

Your pupper is your hype man. In the mood to go for a hike? He would literally love nothing more than to join you. How about a trip to the dog-friendly restaurant in the next city? Yes, absolutely! What about bringing him to the office a couple times per week? Oh my gosh, yesAnd if you just want to chill and watch movies all day, your pup is cool with that, too. 

No matter what’s on your agenda, he’s along for the ride. Finally, someone who understands your spontaneous yet lax attitude.

5. You love each other unconditionally, AAF

When your pup has an accident on the carpet or decides your new pair of pumps would make a great chew toy, sure, you’ll be frustrated in the moment. But this doesn’t change how much you love him.

And he still loves you even when you get frustrated with him. Both of you know that nothing either of you can do will change the love you have for each other.

And there you have it! Five of the many, many reasons your pupper is the perfect partner in crime. From their sense of humor to their wacky personalities to the unconditional love they have for you, dogs are nothing short of a gift! Go give your dog a hug. Yes, right now!