4 Dog beaches in Brisbane to take pupper to this summer

Anyone who already lives on or near the Gold Coast knows how beautifully pristine their beaches are. But where’s the fun in going to the beach if pupper can’t come along? Thankfully, there are many different dog beaches in Brisbane to bring your pupper along on a sandy, fun-filled trip. We’ve gathered a few that you might not have heard of before.

1. Nudgee Beach

If you don’t want to venture too far from Brisbane, Nudgee Beach might be your pupper’s new favorite waterside destination. This place does nothing short of cater to dogs–there’s a designated dog swimming area, an off-leash park with an obstacle course, and a picnic area.

Location: Nudgee Rd., Nudgee, 4014 (18km from Brisbane)

Entrance (for dogs): Approximately 100m past the Boondall Wetlandsentrance

Toilet: No public toilets in the vicinity. The nearest human-friendly toilets can be found on Fortitude St.

Picnic area: Yes

Parking: Yes, there’s a car park on premise (see map below).

Cautions: Be sure pupper doesn’t venture into the mangrove bird areas. Policing is strict in this area and you will be fined on the spot.

2. Tallebudgera Offleash Dog Beach

This might be the best-kept secret on our list. It’s located north of the Tallebudgera Surf Club patrolled surf beach and extends to Tallebudgera Creek.

The best part? You and your pupper can access this beach and attend off-leash 24/7. Anybody with a dog in the Brisbane area knows how rare of a find that is! This beach is catered to families, puppers included. It offers picnic tables and chairs, BBQ areas, and public toilets.

If your dog enjoys exploring different terrains, he will find both smooth sand and large, climbable rocks to spend time with. Because this is one of the most dog-centric dog beaches in Brisbane, be sure to do your part and always pick up after pupper.

Location: 1505 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach North

Entrance: You’ll find a trail to the beach in front of the lifesaver’s club, easily accessible from the Surf Club.

Toilet: Yes

Picnic area: Yes, BBQ included

Cautions: There are likely to be many families and other dogs at this beach at all times, so keep this in mind when planning your next trip.

3. The Spit Dog Beach

In the mood for a scenic drive? The Spit Dog Beach is located on the very northmost tip of the Gold Coast. Puppers have a couple of options here–they can either hang out in a sizeable cove on the Broadwater (with a dog paddling lagoon!), or they are welcome to roam the sands on the tip of Southport.

This is one of the big dog beaches in Brisbane, so to help narrow things down, be on the lookout for Muriel Henchman Avenue. This is where the dog-friendly areas begin.

Dog bowls, clean water, and toilets are provided for all of your pupper’s comfort needs. There’s also a washing area to clean pupper off after a day of frolicking in the sand! (These are all provided at the beach entrance.)

Location: Muriel Henchman Dr. to Seaway Wall, Seaworld Dr., Southport

Entrances: To reach the Broadwater, there are a few entrances, marked by car parks to the left off Seaworld Drive. For the beach, head down Seaworld drive almost to the end, and you’ll see a large car park on the right.

Toilet: Yes

Cautions: Be careful of the water outlet under the jetty.

4. Palm Beach Dog off-leash Beach

This is great for puppers of all water preferences–whether he just wants to paddle or if he prefers to catch a few waves. But be aware: This beach gets very crowded on the weekends, so we recommend it as a weekday spot.

There are designated dog areas at this beach, but they are completely off-leash. There are public toilets here, but there isn’t a dog washing station, so be equipped with many towels for your drive home!

Please note that there is NOT a designated parking area, but there are many parking spaces available after you’ve taken the turn to Palm beach Parklands from the highway before the bridge. Parking can be extremely difficult to impossible during peak times.

Location: Palm Beach Parklands Dog Beach, 945 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Entrance: At the Palm Beach Parklands

Toilet: Yes

Cautions: Be aware of areas that do not allow dogs. Also be aware that there may be dozens of puppers or more at the beach at any given time.

There are many more beaches that we could add in this list, but we’ve chosen a handful that each have something different. Sandy shores and lots of new friends await you and pupper as you discover all of the beautiful dog-friendly Brisbane beaches the Gold Coast has to offer!