3 steps to prep your dog for NYE fireworks

how to prepare your dog for fireworks

Like always, this year has flown by – can you believe it’s already New Year’s Eve? We’re super excited to celebrate tonight, and I bet you all are too. Your dogs, on the other hand, is probably feeling a little bit different. Although some dogs don’t even stir at the sound of fireworks, most dogs get anxious and stressed during the ordeal. If you’ve got one of the firework-anxious pups, here a few quick things you can do to prep your dog for this year’s NYE.


1. Keep your dog inside, especially if you’re going to be out

If you’re going to be out for when it hits midnight, keeping your dog inside is preferable. Many dogs have a “flight” response during fireworks and tend to run away. If you aren’t able to keep them inside, make sure they have their full identification tags secure on their collar.


Putting a jumper on your dog has a calming affect


2. Slip on a well-fitted jacket or shirt on your dog

Wrapping a tight and fitted jumper on your dog can actually have a soothing effect on your dog and help to calm them during fireworks. Compression is a proven method of calming, even in humans – you’ll be surprised at the difference a jumper can make. If you they don’t have their own, you could even use one of yours as your scent will also have a soothing effect.


Fireworks and dogs


3. Set up a cosy hiding place in a dark room

Set up a place inside for your dogs to retreat to during the fireworks. Ideally, you should set up their bed in a dark room, away from windows where light and sound can enter. Inside their bed, put in blankets, toys and anything else that will make them feel more secure and protected.

Happy New Year’s pawrents! 2018 is the Year of the Dog, so we think it’ll be a good one 🙂