10 Apartment Friendly Dog Breeds

apartment dog

The traditional picture of the family dog out playing in the back yard is changing. More of us are living in apartments these days, with smaller space and limited access to the outdoors. The great news for those of us who do live in an apartment and want a pupper in our lives, is that more and more are becoming dog friendly. We’ve picked the top 10 dog breeds that we think are suited to apartment living. Those that are more independent, on the lower end of the energy scale and not known to be big barkers make it onto our list!

Here are Lyka’s top 10 apartment friendly dog breeds:

Bichon Frise

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean these playful and gentle dogs aren’t active. But their size does make them suited to apartment living, and as they’re not known for barking, they are generally neighbour-friendly! The non-allergenic Bichon coat doesn’t tend to shed either, so you won’t need to constantly vacuum carpets and furniture. With a low tendency for drooling and snoring, you can get up close to this pupper – day and night!

Brussels Griffon

Big on personality, short on size, Brussels Griffons are cheerful, affectionate and curious. Take a look into their big, black eyes, see the fringed beard and moustache and it’s hard not to smile at the comical Griffon. They are moderately active, but don’t need much room to romp, so are suitable for apartment living. However, they do have a sensitive nature and like to stick closely to their special human. So, if you work from home, Griffons could be the ideal choice for you.


apartment dog

Thickset and sturdy, bulldogs make their way onto our list as they just love to lounge on the couch. Under that wrinkly skin, English Bulldogs are full of muscle, weighing upwards of 22kg, but give them a brisk stroll and they’ll thank you by being happy to chill after. Bulldogs are also dogs of few words, which should keep the neighbours happy, and whether you go for a Frenchie or an English Bulldog, they’ll happily adapt to apartment living – whether you’re single, a couple or with kids.


The national symbol of Mexico and weighing as little as 1kg, the Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a massive ‘big dog’ personality. Loyal, charming and super cute, they are the perfect city pet and you can pretty much take them anywhere. But, as is often the case with tiny puppers, they can get away with mischief, so make training a priority. You’ll need to if you want to get on with the neighbours in the next apartment, as chihuahuas can be yappy left to their own devices.

Fun fact: Chihuahuas are among the oldest breeds of the Americas – their pictures appear in ancient paintings in Mexico!

Chinese Crested

Spotty pink skin, spiky hairdo and feathery socks and tail, you’ll either think the Chinese Crested is the sweetest, or strangest, pupper you’ve ever seen! Whether hairless or the other variety, the ‘powderpuff’ Crested with its silky coat, they make great little dogs for apartment living – they’re affectionate, playful and devoted to their human. With no hair comes the bonus of no doggy odour and of course no shedding which makes them pretty low maintenance. Just remember to protect their delicate skin from the sun.

Fun fact: Cresteds used to travel the seas on Chinese trading vessels, keeping boats free of diseased rats along the way.


apartment dog

You don’t need to be small to be suited to apartment living. Take the greyhound – built for powerful speed with their aerodynamic skull, muscular legs and shock-absorbing pads on their feet, but at home, they’re your typical lounge lizard! They’re calm, placid and very quiet, enjoying a couple of good walks a day, but loving to run when they get the chance. Only needing minimal grooming, they’re not particularly smelly dogs – so less time bathing and brushing, more time enjoying your time together.


Intelligent, gentle, playful and full of mischief! Maltese are great little family dogs, that can be stubborn and use their charm to get their own way. So it’s important to stand your ground and follow through on training to avoid poor manners with your little Maltie!  They get bonus points for being low shedders and though they make good watchdogs, you may want to make barking control part of their training if you want to avoid grumpy neighbours.

Poodles (especially Toy and Miniature)

Choose your size – standard, miniature or toy! However small or large, there’s an intelligent and lively pupper beneath that tight curly coat. It’s the low-allergen coat and ease of training that’s responsible for all of the ‘oodle’ cross breeds, but the pure-bred poodle has so much to give – loving and playful, toy and miniature poodles especially adapt happily to apartment living.  Just make sure you train them so they don’t bark at every footstep outside your door to keep you and your neighbours happy too.


Pugs are highly adaptable, happy to be country or city dwellers, single parent puppers or part of a big family, the only child or part of the pack. Small and solid, they don’t take up too much space, don’t need too much exercise and are very sociable – just make sure you don’t overfeed as they’re prone to weight gain. Extra points go to for pugs for not being known as yappy puppers! Just loyal, loving and happy to chill – as long as there’s a lap to sit on!

Fun fact: The pug was once a companion to Chinese Emperors and pets of Buddhist monasteries in Tibet

Shih Tzu

apartment dog

Once bred to spend their days in royal palaces and pampered by emperors and their families, it makes sense that Shih Tzu puppers are happy to live in apartments rather than be out chasing balls in big backyards. Sit down and there will soon be a Shih Tzu on your lap, so for a loving and constant companion this is the breed for you. If you choose to keep their beautiful silky coat long, make sure grooming is part of your routine – they are low shedders, but don’t expect no shedding at all. 

Fun fact: Originating over 1000 years ago from Tibet, ‘Shih Tzu’ translates from Mandarin to ‘Little Lion’.

Lyka: nutrition for all puppers

Good nutrition for puppers living in apartments is as important as ever – even more so to help ensure your pup stays lean and healthy. Portion control helps prevent excessive weight gain in less active dogs, whilst high quality nutrients and protein sources support a healthy digestion for more compatible, close living – that’s less flatulence for starters!

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